Despair … or … Entropy wins again!

Subotica Interzonal (1987), Subotica, YUG … that might be one name for the FIDE WCC candidate cycle tournament held in Yugoslavia almost thirty years ago.

I’m considering adding this tournament to the WCC index on (CG). The first step seems obvious, and harmless enough – determining how much of the tournament is already on CG. That in turn involves searching for the tournament games, which is normally done by looking at <Site>/<Year> or <Event>/<Year> in most chess databases.

But finding games that belong to a tournament is more difficult than you might imagine on, since CG’s “Advanced Search” lacks both “Event” and “Site” search fields. But if one is determined enough, one can search on <player>/<year>, which are provided, and editing the results down.

I did this, and found the following list of Event/Locales (Event/Sites) – all for the same tournament!:

04, Subotica
06, Subotica
11, Subotica izt
13, Subotica
17, Subotica izt
3, Subotica izt
Subotica (Yugoslavia)
Subotica (izt) 43/ (57)
Subotica (izt) 43/173 (Bagirov,D)
Subotica (izt) 43/250 (Popovic,P)
Subotica (izt) 43/253 (Short,N)
Subotica (izt) 43/296 (Short,N)
Subotica (izt) 43/409 (Short,N)
Subotica (izt) 43/424 (Prasad,D; Sahu,S)
Subotica (izt) 43/442 (Petran,Pal)
Subotica (izt) 43/477 (Speelman,J)
Subotica (izt) 43/545 (Ribli,Z)
Subotica (izt) 43/556 (Speelman,J)
Subotica (izt) 43/687 (Speelman,J)
Subotica Interzonal
Subotica izt
Subotica izt 43/138 Tal,M
Subotica izt 43/170 Rodriguez,Am
Subotica izt 43/320 Prasad,D; Sahu,S
Subotica izt 43/414 Popovic,P
Subotica izt 43/715 Tal,M
Subotica izt 43/92 Tal,M
izt, Subotica 43/245 (Popovic,P)
izt, Subotica 43/514 (Smyslov,V)

That makes for 33 different labels where one should suffice. And that wasn’t even for all the games, as only 81 games were there, for a tournament with 120 games, or 127, depending on how you count.

As an aside, I’ll mention that the tournament was originally intended to be a round robin between 18 players, but Huebner, though invited, never went. Then health issues forced Kavalek to drop out after only 7 rounds. That meant that there was a double-bye every round at the end – which caused some controversy. It also meant that the tournament could be considered to have 127 games instead of 120 – though officially FIDE determined that all of Kavelek’s games were to be nullified.




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