Finding Zagreb Interzonal 1987 on

OK, the winter of my discontent is over – I think I’ve found an acceptable method for building a collection on CG.

I don’t have time to expound/elaborate much right now – but look at these screenshots (click on image to enlarge)…



The HTML is a local file built by running a python script. The tournament info is edited into the script by hand – a tournament label, the players list, and finally, the Collection ID (cid) used by CG.

Getting the cid is simple, but requires a little technique. The collection is first created on CG by adding the first game. That’s why the Barlov vs Barager game link is marked visited – I “seeded” the collection with that game.Then, Web Inspector on Firefox is used to read the hidden value of each collection in the drop-down box. Having found the cid we can then use the above webpage to add the rest of the games.

A game is added, one at a time, to the collection by pressing the button (which is labeled with the gid) just to the left of the usual link to the CG game.

The list of games above is formed by a “Pairly” search done by the python script – each pair of players for the given year is searched alphabetically. That leaves out the Event/Site from the search – since can be anywhere on the map (from <izt> to <Zagreb> to <Croatia>, though most are <Zagreb izt>). You scan and press the button to add the game to the collection, as already noted. The button causes the same action as on CG – it jumps to the usual “Added to Collection” page – requiring a Backspace or Back button push to return to the list.

So it’s really two clicks/game to build the collection. Improvements can be envisioned, but it’s already a huge improvement over the previous technique (the one I and apparently everyone else on CG used).



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