Zurich 1953

Thanks to <thomastonk> for drawing my attention to the following site’s great photo slideshow:


http://www.zurich-cc.com/photos1953.html (old & stale)

The site is for the contemporary Zurich tournament – but they respect the past, especially for that rather famous tournament.

Now, me and a friend were out in Zurich just the other day – enjoying the sun, having a beer and a friendly game. Suddenly, this group of somewhat serious and somber gentlemen came by, and decided they wanted to look on and kibitz:


I’m a little unclear on who all these jokers are for sure, but I do know two of them for certain – Dmitri Postnikof (1st row left) and Folke Rogard (1st row, 4th from left). If anybody knows for certain the others please add a comment. I’m particularly interested in the other members of the front row.

Apparently, some of this same group were sighted later in the day (scroll to 6225):





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