Firm Friendship and Cooperation Between USA and USSR (World Peace)


The above photograph is from Winter’s site, which has a nice selection of excerpts from the 1945 coverage of the match by Chess Review.

More can be found here:

And see the photograph of Horowitz (who played best for USA) at CN5777:


There is also this informative snippet from a 2003 Bronstein interview found at


Read what [Bronstein] says about the School’s success after WWII in the next part of the 2003 interview, unknown for the Western readership so far, given to the Russian magazine site

* * *

BRONSTEIN: They say that Soviet school of chess is the best, but I don’t think so.

STAKHOV: But it is still true, if you look at results…

BRONSTEIN: Well it all began in 1945 when we played the match with the US. And won it. Do you know how come that we won? We studied the openings. And we didn’t give them the chance to get out of the opening. We beat them on their half of the board. They didn’t get off the ground. The entire opening theory is about not letting Black get off the ground. In contrast, for Black it is all about how to take off the ground.

By the way, a nice photograph of the Russian team can be found here:




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