Hastings – The Finest Climate in Britain!


Image  Hastings Mayoral Crest


Here are some other selected images of the Hastings 1961/62 International Congress (omitting a few pages of blank crosstables):

(click on image to enlarge)


There is valuable information here, although it is very hard to read. Sorry, I didn’t do the scan. I was primarily interested in the tournament director’s name, but that is extremely hard, if not impossible, to read directly. Not so the Chairman’s name, which is P. J. Morren Esq. (being American, I think Esq. = lawyer, but this being a British tournament, Esq. = Esquire is probably more correct).

Then a quick internet search yields the following link: http://www.hastingschessclub.co.uk/bio_morren.htm

The Hastings Chess Club apparently respects its history – and I should have maybe have found that link first. But history went the other way – no matter, either way the above link makes mention of a tournament director with the name of Frank Rhoden. And indeed, that name does match the blurred letters in the above.

Tournament Chairman: P. J. Morren, Esq.          //         Tournament Director: Frank Rhoden

Then we have a page of information about the players themselves:


A selection excerpts of the bios of the lesser known players and a couple of other notables:

  • Manuel Aaron: All India champion and the first Indian IM. He is 25 (?) and has just beaten the Australian master, C.J.S. Purdy to qualify for the next Interzonal.
  • John Littlewood: He is 30 and the only player without a title, but he is Lincolnshire champion.
  • Johnathan Penrose: British champion for the last three years running.
  • Svetozar Gligoric: The 38-year-old Yugoslav GM has played five times before at Hastings without losing a game.
  • Karl Robatsch: A 34 -year-old Austrian GM making his first appearance in England.
  • Robert Wade: An IM from New Zealand. He is in his middle thirties [ed- no exact age!?]

Gligoric’s record was noteworthy –

  • 1951/52 —   +6 -0 =3
  • 1956/57 —   +3 -0 =3
  • 1957/58 —   +4 -0 =4
  • 1959/60 —   +6 -0 =3
  • 1960/61 —   +6 -0 =3

But his streak was broken in the 60/61 tournament by none other than John Littlewood (and Arthur Bisguier playing Black).

Finally then, a little touristic self-promotion for those thinking of returning to the seafront during warmer days:









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