CG country codes

Since <chessgames> has published all the <CG> player info, we now have a snapshot of the current list of countries used by <CG>. Actually, each player gets two entries, one labeled “Country“, and another labeled “Nationality“. For convenience, I assume they’re referring to country of birth, and current nationality.

Aside – there is one country, San Marino, which is listed as a nationality, but has nobody born there.

I assumed the country codes are largely derived from ISO-3611-2 (wiki). But there are a few deviations in the 164 “countries” used by <CG> – which I denote below:

--   ??
AD   Andorra
AE   United Arab Emirates
AF   Afghanistan
AL   Albania
AM   Armenia
AN   Netherlands Antilles (ISO AW,BQ,CW,SX)
AO   Angola
AR   Argentina
AT   Austria
AU   Australia
AW   Aruba
AZ   Azerbaijan
BA   Bosnia and Herzegovina
BB   Barbados
BE   Belgium
BG   Bulgaria
BH   Bahrain
BI   Burundi
BM   Bermuda
BN   Brunei Darussalam
BO   Bolivia, Plurinational State of
BR   Brazil
BS   Bahamas
BU   Bulgaria (ISO BG)
BW   Botswana
BY   Belarus
CA   Canada
CH   Switzerland
CL   Chile
CM   Cameroon
CN   China
CO   Colombia
CR   Costa Rica
CS   Czech Republic (ISO CZ)
CU   Cuba
CY   Cyprus
DE   Germany
DK   Denmark
DO   Dominican Republic
DZ   Algeria
EC   Ecuador
EE   Estonia
EG   Egypt
ES   Spain
ET   Ethiopia
FI   Finland
FJ   Fiji
FR   France
GA   Gabon
GE   Georgia
GH   Ghana
GM   Gambia
GR   Greece
GT   Guatemala
GU   Guam
HK   Hong Kong
HN   Honduras
HR   Croatia
HT   Haiti
HU   Hungary
ID   Indonesia
IE   Ireland
IL   Israel
IN   India
IQ   Iraq
IR   Iran, Islamic Republic of
IS   Iceland
IT   Italy
JM   Jamaica
JO   Jordan
JP   Japan
KE   Kenya
KG   Kyrgyzstan
KR   Korea, Republic of
KW   Kuwait
KZ   Kazakhstan
LB   Lebanon
LI   Liechtenstein
LK   Sri Lanka
LT   Lithuania
LU   Luxembourg
LV   Latvia
LY   Libya
MA   Morocco
MC   Monaco
MD   Moldova, Republic of
MG   Madagascar
MK   Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
ML   Mali
MM   Myanmar
MN   Mongolia
MO   Macao
MR   Mauritania
MT   Malta
MU   Mauritius
MV   Maldives
MW   Malawi
MX   Mexico
MY   Malaysia
MZ   Mozambique
NA   Namibia
NG   Nigeria
NI   Nicaragua
NL   Netherlands
NO   Norway
NP   Nepal
NZ   New Zealand
OM   Oman
PA   Panama
PE   Peru
PG   Papua New Guinea
PH   Philippines
PK   Pakistan
PL   Poland
PR   Puerto Rico
PS   Palestine, State of
PT   Portugal
PY   Paraguay
QA   Qatar
RO   Romania
RU   Russian Federation
RW   Rwanda
SA   Saudi Arabia
SB   Solomon Islands
SC   Seychelles
SD   Sudan
SE   Sweden
SG   Singapore
SI   Slovenia
SK   Slovakia
SL   Sierra Leone
SM   San Marino
SN   Senegal
SO   Somalia
SR   Suriname
ST   Sao Tome and Principe
SV   El Salvador
SY   Syrian Arab Republic
TG   Togo
TH   Thailand
TJ   Tajikistan
TM   Turkmenistan
TN   Tunisia
TR   Turkey
TT   Trinidad and Tobago
TW   Taiwan, Province of China
TZ   Tanzania, United Republic of
UA   Ukraine
UG   Uganda
UK   United Kingdom (ISO GB)
US   United States
UY   Uruguay
UZ   Uzbekistan
VE   Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
VG   Virgin Islands, British
VI   Virgin Islands, U.S.
VN   Viet Nam
YE   Yemen
YU   Yugoslavia (ISO SI,MK,RS,ME,HR,BA)
ZA   South Africa
ZM   Zambia
ZW   Zimbabwe

I’ve assumed a code that matches ISO-3611-2 uses the same country – but I haven’t checked. For the ones that didn’t match, I looked up a player with that code, and used that country (while noting the ISO alpha-2 code(s) that could/should be used instead in parentheses). I wonder why <CG> isn’t using Serbia yet, even if YU covers it historically. After all, Slovenia, Croatia, etc. are here.

Let’s note these codes that are just non-conforming, but refer to politically intact countries: BU, CS, UK

While these codes are used for countries that are no longer in existence: AN, YU

Here is the histogram (in table form) for the population/country of players on <CG>

  --   28090   ??
  DE    5692   Germany
  RU    3898   Russian Federation
  US    3060   United States
  ES    2009   Spain
  UK    2003   United Kingdom (ISO GB)
  FR    1976   France
  NL    1825   Netherlands
  YU    1453   Yugoslavia (ISO SI,MK,RS,ME,HR,BA)
  PL    1432   Poland
  CS    1347   Czech Republic (ISO CZ)
  HU    1158   Hungary
  CA     947   Canada
  IT     938   Italy
  AT     917   Austria
  UA     851   Ukraine
  DK     796   Denmark
  SE     771   Sweden
  AR     724   Argentina
  HR     665   Croatia
  SK     653   Slovakia
  CH     612   Switzerland
  RO     589   Romania
  NO     584   Norway
  IN     533   India
  GR     533   Greece
  FI     527   Finland
  BE     457   Belgium
  BR     454   Brazil
  BU     449   Bulgaria (ISO BG)
  SI     381   Slovenia
  AU     359   Australia
  NZ     319   New Zealand
  IL     319   Israel
  TR     303   Turkey
  IS     292   Iceland
  GE     267   Georgia
  SA     264   Saudi Arabia
  IE     244   Ireland
  LV     234   Latvia
  CU     215   Cuba
  AM     213   Armenia
  PT     207   Portugal
  LT     200   Lithuania
  CN     195   China
  EE     194   Estonia
  PH     193   Philippines
  CO     192   Colombia
  BY     190   Belarus
  CL     166   Chile
  AZ     164   Azerbaijan
  IR     155   Iran, Islamic Republic of
  MX     153   Mexico
  KZ     128   Kazakhstan
  BA     123   Bosnia and Herzegovina
  VN     118   Viet Nam
  ID     114   Indonesia
  MD     108   Moldova, Republic of
  UZ     107   Uzbekistan
  MY     104   Malaysia
  SG      89   Singapore
  PE      88   Peru
  SB      87   Solomon Islands
  EG      87   Egypt
  UY      85   Uruguay
  VE      83   Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
  MK      83   Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
  MR      81   Mauritania
  LU      75   Luxembourg
  MN      70   Mongolia
  AE      65   United Arab Emirates
  JP      63   Japan
  AL      60   Albania
  DZ      59   Algeria
  EC      59   Ecuador
  LK      55   Sri Lanka
  IQ      52   Iraq
  MA      52   Morocco
  PR      51   Puerto Rico
  TM      50   Turkmenistan
  CR      49   Costa Rica
  LB      46   Lebanon
  BG      46   Bulgaria
  NG      44   Nigeria
  PY      44   Paraguay
  DO      43   Dominican Republic
  HK      43   Hong Kong
  BO      42   Bolivia, Plurinational State of
  JM      39   Jamaica
  TH      38   Thailand
  SY      37   Syrian Arab Republic
  MT      36   Malta
  LY      35   Libya
  HN      35   Honduras
  TN      35   Tunisia
  KE      33   Kenya
  KG      33   Kyrgyzstan
  CY      33   Cyprus
  GT      33   Guatemala
  AN      31   Netherlands Antilles (ISO AW,BQ,CW,SX)
  TT      31   Trinidad and Tobago
  NI      30   Nicaragua
  ZM      29   Zambia
  PK      29   Pakistan
  PA      29   Panama
  JO      29   Jordan
  MM      28   Myanmar
  KR      27   Korea, Republic of
  AO      27   Angola
  TJ      26   Tajikistan
  TW      26   Taiwan, Province of China
  SV      26   El Salvador
  SR      26   Suriname
  YE      25   Yemen
  UG      25   Uganda
  SC      24   Seychelles
  BW      24   Botswana
  BB      24   Barbados
  AF      23   Afghanistan
  MC      23   Monaco
  PS      23   Palestine, State of
  QA      22   Qatar
  NA      22   Namibia
  ET      22   Ethiopia
  AW      21   Aruba
  VI      21   Virgin Islands, U.S.
  MO      21   Macao
  FJ      20   Fiji
  AD      18   Andorra
  BN      18   Brunei Darussalam
  BM      18   Bermuda
  MZ      17   Mozambique
  NP      17   Nepal
  ZW      17   Zimbabwe
  BH      16   Bahrain
  SD      14   Sudan
  MW      14   Malawi
  RW      13   Rwanda
  LI      12   Liechtenstein
  SO      11   Somalia
  MU      11   Mauritius
  ST      10   Sao Tome and Principe
  ML       9   Mali
  PG       9   Papua New Guinea
  KW       8   Kuwait
  VG       7   Virgin Islands, British
  GH       7   Ghana
  HT       6   Haiti
  SL       5   Sierra Leone
  CM       5   Cameroon
  MG       5   Madagascar
  BI       5   Burundi
  MV       4   Maldives
  GA       3   Gabon
  TG       2   Togo
  SN       2   Senegal
  BS       2   Bahamas
  GU       2   Guam
  TZ       1   Tanzania, United Republic of
  ZA       1   South Africa
  OM       1   Oman
  GM       1   Gambia

This stuff is hot off the press, and there might be a mistake or two here. Caveat Lector. E.g. the country code “00” is missing from above – it’s a <CG> country with apparently one citizen: Santa Claus!



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