Hoogovens 33rd / Wijk aan Zee (1971) — CG vs MillBase

I recently put together a <CG> collection with the correct round numbers for this tournament:

Hoogovens 33rd / Wijk aan Zee (1971):


Now, in the process of determining if <CG> had all the games that MillBase had, I determined that several games had discrepancies. They are listed here (right/wrong is shorthand for agreement/disagreement with Tata Steel reference games):


Generally, CG variations come first, then MillBase.

Arbitration from Tata Steel History site (i.e. right/wrong).

Abbrevs: CG = chessgames, MB = MillBase, CT = ChessTempo
         BR = Brasilbase, rhp = redhotpawn,
         baskchess = basechess.rs, sachista = sachista.sk


1. Huebner--Petrosian (R1) 1/2-1/2      Move: 46...Nh7 vs 46...Nh5

   > 45.Qd3 Kg7 46.Ke1 Nh7 47.Rd2 Qa1+
     45.Qd3 Kg7 46.Ke1 Nh5 47.Rd2 Qa1+

   Right: CG, CT (dup), BR
   Wrong: MB, CT, baskchess.rs, rhp, 365chess


2. Olafsson--Hort (R1) 1/2-1/2      Tpos 14-16: 14.Bb5 vs 14.f4

     13.O-O e6 14.Bb5 Bd7 15.dxe6 Rxe6
   > 13.O-O e6 14.f4 Bg7 15.Bxg7 Kxg7
   Right: MB, CT (dup), chess-db, 365chess, rhp, baskchess
   Wrong: CG, CT, BR, chess.com


3. Andersson--Petrosian (R3) 1/2-1/2     Xtra: ~, 38.Bd2

     34.f4 h5 35.g4 hxg4 36.hxg4 f5 37.gxf5 gxf5
   > 34.f4 h5 35.g4 hxg4 36.hxg4 f5 37.gxf5 gxf5 38.Bd2

   Right: MB, CT, BR, baskchess, 365chess, rhp, sachista
   Wrong: CG
4. Najdorf--Ree (R3) 0-1      Move: 44...Kg6 vs 44...Kg8

     43.Rb6 Kf7 44.Rb7+ Kg6 45.h7 c1=Q+
   > 43.Rb6 Kf7 44.Rb7+ Kg8 45.h7 c1=Q+

   Right: MB, CT, BR, baskchess, 365chess, rhp
   Wrong: CG

   23-01-1971 -- De tijd : dagblad voor Nederland, Schaken by C. Orbaan
                 Agrees with 44...Kg8
5. Ree--Mecking (R4) 0-1      Move: 27...Rc4 vs 27...Rc5

      26.Qxb4 Qxb4 27.Nxb4 Rc4 28.c3 a5
    > 26.Qxb4 Qxb4 27.Nxb4 Rc5 28.c3 a5

    This is an outright blunder in a game that ends in an outright blunder.
    CG has Black leaving the rook en prise.

    Right: MB, CG (alt), CT, BR, baskchess, 365chess, rhp, (TfS-v3)
    Wrong: CG

6. Hort--Ivkov (R5) 1/2-1/2     Tpos 14-16:  14.Rb1 vs 14.h4

     13.Nxc3 a6 14.Rb1 Na5 15.h4 Nf5 16.Rh3 O-O-O
   > 13.Nxc3 a6 14.h4 Nf5 15.Rh3 O-O-O 16.Rb1 Na5

   Right: MB, CT, BR, baskchess, 365chess, rhp, chess-db
   Wrong: CG, CT (dup)
7. Najdorf--Mecking (R12) 1/2-1/2  Move: 57...Kf7 vs 57...Kb3

     56.gxf4 Qxf4 57.Qh1 Kf7 58.Kb3
   > 56.gxf4 Qxf4 57.Qh1 Ke7 58.Kb3

   Right: MB, CT, BR, baskchess, 365chess, rhp
   Wrong: CG

8. Mecking--Donner (R13) 1-0  Move: 15.Rfc1 vs 15.Rac1   

   > 13.Bb2 Nc6 14.Qa4 Bb7 15.Rfc1 Bd6 16.Qh4 Ne5 17.Nxe5
     13.Bb2 Nc6 14.Qa4 Bb7 15.Rac1 Bd6 16.Qh4 Ne5 17.Nxe5

   (This game's ending could be analyzed further)

   Right: CG, CT (dup), BR, chess.com 
   Wrong: MB, CT, baskchess, sachista, 365chess, rhp

9. Mecking--Olafsson (R14) 1/2-1/2 Move: 14...Nh5 vs 14...Nh7

     12.Qa4+ Bd7 13.Qb3 Qc7 14.Ng1 Nh5
   > 12.Qa4+ Bd7 13.Qb3 Qc7 14.Ng1 Nh7

   Right: MB, CT (dup)
   Wrong: CG, CT, chess-db, baskchess, 365chess, rhp

A couple of notes: <CG> had all 120 games, very unnormalized (Event/Site/Round). <MillBase> was missing a couple of games, probably because it wasn’t properly normalized for all games. Additionally, <MillBase> didn’t have the round numbers.

All the missing games was supplied from the Tata Steel History site:


And the round numbers were determined from the same site:


Using the games from the same Tata Steel site I determined that of the 9 different games only 2 agreed with <CG>. For the moment let’s assume that 7 games are incorrect.

That gives <CG> an error rate of 7/120 = ~5.8%, and <MillBase> a rate of 2/120 = 1.6%.

I also tried to find the games in contemporaneous publications, but the Dutch Delpher archive had very few actual games. It did have the <Najdorf–Ree> game, but that was an obvious error that only <CG> had. The Swedish chess magazine, Tidskrft för Schack had more games, but none matched the mismatch games.

Restricted Delpher Search – January 1971.



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