The Transfer of Unemployed Women … now I’m back on the fever

From a video clip of various GM’s on YouTube (with one of the cheesiest intro’s, musically and otherwise):

Spassky – Botwinnik – Larsen – Donner – Vierkamp 1970

Turn on CC (Closed Captioning), and muddle down to <Dutch->English> gives this snippet of baffling dialog:

Back on the fever

At 05:44 also comes “a passenger after that but nothing a work placement in state offender”.

What the heck are they talking about?! It’s a little disconcerting!

Then, a little later, Larsen is asked a question about Walter Browne (infamously nervous when in time trouble), and there’s this gem:

Youth Council of Salsa dancing poured out of placeThe Youth Council of salsa dancing poured out of place…heee sera sera nose… Unisys since the reform.


And let’s not let Donner escape the fun:

limbaugher“the limburgher not so good about seeing loses”  – while discussing blunders.


And the final word:

Reinforced with drink


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