Fixing FIDE – TWIC take on Women’s Olympiad

Apparently, TWIC normalizes the FIDE names (i.e. the surname, prenom style names on the FIDE cards).

All the FIDE information on a player’s card is available for download here:

This is both good and bad.

It’s good, because FIDE is sometimes inconsistent, e.g. ” Allotey,Dorcas”  vs. “Allotey, Dorcas“.  (Note the space after the comma, normally present in all the FIDE names, but missing in this example. That’s a trivial change that’s easy to correct. There are also other trivial errors that are harder to fix. For example, when the comma is missing, “Alrasheed Abeer” vs “Alrasheed, Abeer“. This matters if you want to form the correct display or presentation name, or if you want to address the person – would it be Mr. Abeer or Mr. Alrasheed?

Why then, would TWIC’s corrections be bad?

Well, for one thing, such correction should be forwarded to FIDE, who should act as the central authority for these matters. They are the official record keepers, and TWIC should help ensure FIDE’s information is correct and coherent with its information. Which brings me to another reason these corrections can cause problems. Cross-checking information against FIDE is made much easier if the names corresponded exactly. By not using the FIDE name exactly, this job is much harder.

One could use the FIDE id, which would allow some latitude with the names (the id could always be used to get the exact FIDE name if desired). The problem is that, for some reason, TWIC doesn’t include all the FIDE id’s in its PGN download for Tromso Women’s olm 2014. (Probably an oversight, but a significant one if processing the facts with a program).

And so, without further adieu, here are the TWIC-FIDE name correspondences for the Women’s OLM (when they don’t match exactly — use horizontal scroll bar below if needed) :

  FIDE_id    TWIC name                                               FIDE name

  12600431   Allotey, Dorcas                                      Allotey,Dorcas                             
  10300813   Alrasheed, Abeer                                     Alrasheed Abeer                            
  12600423   Ayiku, Angela Naa Amerley                            Ayiku,Angela Naa Amerley                   
   4900260   Bayarmaa, Bayarjargal                                Bayarmaa Bayarjargal                       
  20500327   Desiderata, Nkhoma                                   Desiderata Nkhoma                          
  14800292   Farnela Nuzela, Zacarias Musindo                     Farnela, Nuzela Zacarias Musindo           
  16300955   Gao, Yi-Ping                                         Gao,Yi-Ping                                
  15200671   Haufiku, Toshi                                       Haufiku Toshi                              
   4612434   Heinatz, Gundula                                     Heinatz, Dr. Gundula                       
  12201529   Ibtihal, Mohammed                                    Ibtihal Mohammed                           
  20300131   Itangishaka, Aurore                                  Itangishaka Aurore                         
  11501723   Jehad Mohamed, Rahaf                                 Faqeeh Rahaf
   8706930   Kabamba, Bwalya                                      Kabamba Bwalya                             
  20300140   Kampimbare, Claudia                                  Kampimbare Claudia                         
   5400384   Lomandong, Noela-Joyce                               Lomandong Noela-Joyce                      
   2501597   Lowry-O'Reilly, Hannah                               Lowry-O`Reilly, Hannah                     
  21300119   Maboloka, Andronica Leboela                          Leboela, Maboloka Andronioca               
  14904888   Machalova, Veronika                                  Maslikova, Veronika
  21300127   Maphuthi, Moletsane                                  Moletsane, Maphuthi                        
  15700305   Menassie, Zeleke Azeb                                Menassie Zeleke, Azeb                      
   1008498   Muhren, Bianca                                       De Jong-Muhren, Bianca                     
  16000170   Murara, Umuhoza Layola                               Murara Umuhoza Layola                      
   8700478   Mwango, Lorita                                       Mwango , Lorita                            
   7801122   Nameeqa, Ul Ummi                                     Nameeqa tun nabi Ul ummi                   
  20300123   Niyonkuru, Emelyne                                   Niyonkuru Emelyne                          
  16000200   Niyonsaba, Aline                                     Niyonsaba Aline                            
  20700130   Nosmilo, Mkhonto                                     Nosmilo Mkhonto                            
  21300100   Pulane, Veronica Makeka                              Makeka, Veronica Pulane
  13100440   Ralivololona Hanitriniaina, Andri Hanitriniaini      Ralivololona Hanitriniaina Andri           
   8102953   Razan, Alshaeby                                      Razan,  Alshaeby                           
   8201080   Romalho, Gelique                                     Romalho , Gelique                          
  20500394   Royce, Msiska                                        Royce Msiska                               
  16000161   Rugabira, Christella                                 Rugabira Christella                        
  11502290   Shamasna, Dyana                                      Shamasna Dyana                             
  16000188   Shimwa, Marie Faustine                               Shimwa Marie Faustine                      
  20700156   Ssemwogerere, Imelda                                 Imelda Ssemwogerere                        
  12201480   Tayseer, Mohammed                                    Tayseer Mohammed                           
  16400470   Tchouateu, Tankeu Stephanie                          Tchouateu, TANKEU Stephanie                
  20700164   Thobile, Mthwethwa                                   Thobile Mthwethwa                          
   7801157   Urooj, Saeed                                         Urooj Saeed                                
  16000196   Uwinkesha, Monique                                   Uwinkesha Monique
  10801790   Winfred, Thitu                                       Winfred Thitu
  12201413   Zienab, Mustafa Mansour                              Zienab mustafa mansour
   3301680   (Ramirez, Maria Eugenia / 3301133)                   Ramirez M. Eugenia         
   7301057   (Sotomayor, Silvia / 7300611)                        Sotomayor Villatoro, Silvi

For the very observant, there are two names without a TWIC entry, “Ramirez M. Eugenia“, and “Imelda Ssemwogerere“.  This is because the offical FIDE PGN for this tournament is not entirely self-consistent, and these players show up in the PGN with two different FIDE id’s. The number on the far left is the correct FIDE id (as far as I can tell). The incorrect FIDE id, which TWIC uses, and the TWIC name are shown in parentheses.


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