Biel izt 1993 — Working Notes 2 (Biel Festival 1989-1993)


The Biel Festival Tournament has a long and proud history. Much of it very well documented by the now deceased, acclaimed, journalist Olivier Breisacher. Below is a google translation of an article originally written in French, and available online here:

History Years 1986 – 1993
Biel International Chess Festival

1993 Festival of superlatives

FIDE structures have evolved. For the first time in 1990, one of the
interzonal World Championship was established to nominate candidates
for the world title (in Manila the Philippines). The organizers have
the necessary financial resources in the circuit become more scarce,
which explains the concentration of one big playoff tournament (then
than in the past, there were between 2 and 3)

Biel jumped at the chance in 1993. With the support of its main
sponsor (Credit Suisse, which particular agrees to move part of its
aid planned for 1994), Hans manages to Suri get the organization of
this interzonal, a goal he pursued for some time. the budget finally
climb to 1.2 million francs, including the Festival being forced to
take bear all the costs of accommodation and the high prices of
players (30,000 francs for 1 20,000 francs for the second)

Festival 1993 will go down as one of all records. The interzonal serve
as a catalyst for other competitions, which are partially migrate to
the House of the People, for lack of space. They are 604 take two
weeks to three main Open: Open 215 teachers, 179 in main, 210
tournament overall tournament. In total, 1,344 players have
participated in this 26th Festival international chess. This figure
will not be beaten.

Competing in the interzonal 73 players (including 58 grandmasters)
from five continents who are fighting the July 15 to August 1, 1993 to
designate the top 10, who will continue their journey! a dream crazy
materializes at the Congress, which had never been so stars the
chessboard square meter. Only five champions are lacking in the
world’s elite but for right reasons. Kasparov is the defending
champion, while Karpov, Short, Timman, are Jussupov already official
candidates. (at least that is the situation in July 1993, it will
evolve after schism caused by Kasparov and Short in Fall 1993)

The entry-list is impressive in Biel. It was led by Anand (2725 Elo
points), Kramnik (2710), Ivanchuk (2705) Salov (2685), Shirov (2685),
Gelfand (2670), Topalov (2670), Bareev (2660) 20.06.2009 6/8 History
Years 1986 – 1993 Biel International Chess Festival Georgiev (2660)
Epishin (2655), Kamsky (2645), Khalifman (2645) Smirin (2640), Gulko
(2635) Adams (2630), Polgar (2630) or Korchnoi (2625).

Deeds on and off the chessboard will not fail in the heat of the
Palais des Congress. First bombshell: the Egyptian representative
(Ahmed Essam) withdraws the day Tournament: his federation was not
able to pay his travel expenses. The competition place with 73 instead
of 74 players announced. Among them, three Swiss Viktor Korchnoi (28th
to final), Lucas Brunner (60) and Werner Hug (68th) and one woman. At
17, Judit Polgar will pick up a good 20th place overall.

The interzonal 1993 will be remembered. Stars of the board like the
appointment Biel, but not too certain folkloric aspects, such as the
presence of a single scene 72 players engaged each day in a ruthless
struggle and no real ventilation. The material will Another area of
discontent: the poor quality of chess (plastic) and parts (too light)
is talking. Facing revolt rumbles, organizers were forced before the
1st round find in disaster chessboards and wooden figurines stronger!

Magnificent ease, Boris Gelfand (24) finished alone in the lead with 9
points and confirms that it is Human interzonal. Having already
established in 1990 in Manila, the Grand Master of Minsk (which later
emigrated to Israel) settled in the 8th round lead with Bareev and
Adams before taking off on his own the next day (9th round) His
success in quick succession against Anand and Bareev have placed in
orbit. Boris Gelfand manage without shaking his half-point lead up
last days, removing one of the most successful of his career

With 9 points, Boris Gelfand eight players ahead 8.5 points: Paul van
der Sterren (Netherlands), Gata Kamsky (USA), Alexander Khalifman
(Russia), Michael Adams (England), Valery Salov (Russia), Joel Lautier
(France) and Vladimir Kramnik (Russia).  Only one remaining seat to be
filled: unable to defeat in the last round of Vladimir Epishin,
Viswanathan Anand shake up to 23 hours in the evening. If a winner
emerges Evgeny Bareev duel in -Evgeny Sveshnikov, the Indian will
remain on the floor. But there will be no “Arrangement with the
Russian” Bareev Sveshnikov and will separate back-to-back and Vishy
Anand continue its course. Narrowly.

At the balance sheet, the big surprise is called Paul van der Sterren,
dolphin while Boris Gelfand he was the 56th man on the starting line
(2525 Elo points). A 37-year-old Dutchman will also the oldest to
qualify. About Veselin Topalov (7th best elo), it will be among the
major beaten, dropped to 63rd.  The closing ceremony takes place with
great pomp, with guests from Jan Timman (winner Biel 1969). Artur
Jusupov he has already qualified for the Tournament of candidates,
which come to add the 10 elected members of the Biel Interzonal.

The duels will be played at Wijk aan Zee January 1994. Their findings:
Lautier-Timman 4.5 to 3.5, Gelfand-Adams 5-3, 5-1 Salov-Khalifman,
Kamsky-van der Sterren 4.5 to 2.5, 4.5 to 2.5 Jusupov
Anand-Kramnik-Yudasin 4.5 to 2.5.  The next round of candidates takes
place in September 1994 in Sanghi Nagar (India). Kamsky (winner of
Anand 6-4), Gelfand (winner of Kramnik 4.5 to 3.5) and Salov (winner
of Timman 4.5 3.5) is hoisted in the square as final, joined by
Anatoly Karpov. Results: Kamsky crushed Salov (5-1) and Karpov
defeated Gelfand (6-3). The final of the world championship FIDE
oppose So Karpov to Kamsky in 1996. The Russian will have the last
word. 10.5 to 7.5. The chess world is Full split since Kasparov and
Short were banned from FIDE.

Interzonal (13 rounds)

Rank first (qualified for the tournament candidates)

1. Boris Gelfand (BLR) 9 pts, 2. Paul van der Sterren (NED), 3. Gata
Kamsky (USA), 4. Alexander Khalifman (RUS) 5. Michael Adams (ENG),
6. Leonid Yudasin (ISR) 7. Valery Salov (RUS) 8. Joel Lautier (FRA),
9. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS) 8.5 pts all 10. Viswanathan Anand (IND) 8

Then: 11. Epishin Vladimir (RUS), 12. Smbat Lputian (ARM), Alexei
Shirov 13. (LAT), 14 Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR) 15. Ivan Sokolov (BIH all
8 pts, 16. Portsich Lajos (HUN) 17. Evgeny Bareev (RUS), 18.  Evgeny
Sveshnikov (RUS), 19. Bosko Abramovic (YUG), Judit Polgar 20. (HUN),
all 7.5 pts, 21. Alexej Dreev (RUS), 22. Patrick Wolff (USA),
23. Yasser Seirawan (USA), 24. Mikhail Gurevich (BEL), 25.  Lembit Oll
(EST), Dibyendu Barua 26. (IND) 27. Jeroen Piket (NED), 28. Viktor
Korchnoi (SUI), 29.  Boris Gulko (USA), 30. Xu Jun (CHN) 31. Robert
Huebner (GER), 32. Johann Hjartarson (ISL) 33. Julio Granda Zuniga
(PER), 34. Ye Jiangchuan (CHN), all 7 pts. And again: 60. Lucas
Brunner (SUI) 5.5 pts, 63. Veselin Topalov (BUL) 5.5 pts, 68. Werner
Hug (SUI) 5 pts. (73 participants)

Open Masters: 1. Vadim Milov (ISR) 10 pts, 2. Yehuda Grünfeld (ISR)
8.5 pts, 3. Victor Vehi Bach (ESP) 8.5 pts. (215 participants)

Olivier Breisacher



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