Wellmuth’s Removal from “Golden Treasury of Chess” – CCR, March-1957

Edward Winter has an extensive write-up on the disappearance of Wellmuth’s name as author of “Golden Treasury of Chess” (1943), with the eventual replacement by I. A. Horowitz.

The Horowitz-Wellmuth Affair

The first edition, had (c) Horowitz & Harkness, and was published by David McKay as well as a 500-copy limited edition signed by Wellmuth, and published by Horowitz & Harkness.

There was a second hardcover edition published in 1956, of which Winter writes:

3. A hardback revised edition from Harvey House, New York (326 pages), the title page of which said ‘Compiled by The Editors of Chess Review’. The imprint page had ‘Copyright, 1943 By Horowitz & Harkness’ and ‘Copyright, 1956 By I.A. Horowitz’. Marshall’s Introduction (with its reference to Wellmuth) and Wellmuth’s own introductions (with the first person singular pronoun) were still there, as were Wellmuth’s four games, but the acrostic had gone, as had the frontispiece photograph of Wellmuth, who was mentioned nowhere as the author or compiler. A Part VII (‘The Period of Russian Hegemony’) was added (on pages 299-320), comprising 31 games played between 1943 and 1956.


Now, I’ve found a book review of this edition of the book from the March 27, 1956 issue of California Chess Reporter:

www.chessdryad.com/articles/ccr/V6N7.pdf (p135)

It’s interesting to note that the omission of Wellmuth’s name was already noted as a strange disappearance:

California Chess Reporter (March 1957) - Book Review - The Golden Treasury of Chess 2e(Click on image to enlarge)



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