Bilbao (1987)

One of the new-fangled GMA tournaments, held in Bilbao, Spain in 1987. Twinlark asked about it, and I found this interesting picture of some very well-known, but then young, players.

A group photograph of the participatants:

Bilbao (1987) - group picture(Click to enlarge)

Can people help identify these players? I think I recognize Andersson, Polgar, and Karpov (all standing, left to right).

The xtab for the tournament may be found here:

For convenience:

Bilbao (1987) -xtabAlso, does anybody know which games were played in which rounds?


Bilbao (1987) - stampsIf you do, please drop me a note (preferably on <CG>’s Biographer Bistro).


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