Grigory Ivanovich Zhuravlev – Журавлев Григорий Иванович

Exploring the Bilbao (1987) tournament, I saw a nice little M-3 in one of the Spanish newspaper chess columns. Maybe later I’ll update this page to show it, but for the moment just allow me to mention that the above mentioned player may have been White in the game.

<CG> has a little bit on the Grigory Ivanovich Zhuravlev, here:

There is another article, in Russian, which mentions a dedication to him, here:

From a photograph of a collage involved in the dedication, I managed to extract a photo image of Zhuravlev, which I fixed up a little in Photoshop:

Zhuravlev - fixedOther than this image, I can’t find another picture of the man on the entire internet. (But, not speaking Russian, I’m at a disadvantage of course).



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