CG vs Chessbase — Grenke (2015)

I just downloaded the tournament PGN from both <> and <>. Let’s compare the two xtabs with SCID.

First we load in <CG>‘s version, and run the “Tournament Finder” window, then make an xtab:

CG - Grenke Tournament(s) and xtab(Click to expand)

Clearly the <CG> games are unnormalized, and SCID is at odds trying to make a valid xtab from the PGN data. Instead of one tournament SCID sees four!

All due to disparate PGN headers (since all the games from the same tournament, they should all have the same Event / Site / EventDate headers). In point of fact, <CG> doesn’t even keep the player’s names properly normalized for some reason.

[ Update – since publishing, <chessgames> has fixed the tournament on <CG>. Apparently this isn’t done automatically at the end of the tournament, but only whenever the program fixpgn is scheduled to run.

It’s explained in detail in the following link:  ]

Next, let’s do the same and look at <Chessbase>’s PGN:

CB - Genke (2015) Tournament and xtab(Click to expand)

Since all the <Chessbase> games are normalized, SCID automatically displays a RR xtab. I used the droplist-menu to select the more informative Swiss xtab.

Unfortunately, it looks like the tiebreak games haven’t been included in the PGN download. The “Tournament Finder” should have found two tournaments – the classic RR <3rd GRENKE Chess Classic >, and the 5-game tiebreak <3rd GRENKE Classic TB>.

The <Chessbase> games are publicly available here:

Presumably the tiebreak games will be added in at some point.

The <Official> site,, also makes the games available. Let’s repeat the above for the PGN downloaded from this site:

Official - Genke (2015) Tournament and xtab(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, this is another properly normalized PGN, only this time including the tiebreak playoffs. The <Official> site has elected to break out the playoff games explicitly into three separate tournaments – one for each time control (Rapid, Blitz, Armagaddon).

I don’t like this, as a personal preference, since it breaks up the xtab for the playoff. The PGN standard allows for tags to explicitly denote the time controls, and I would use those instead. As I said, nothing is perfect, and the above treatment is strictly correct, and quite acceptable.

On the other hand, the “Tournament Finder” shows that the <Official> site for the tournament, at least for the PGN Site tag, is <>. This isn’t correct, the Site tag should be Baden Baden, GER. Although the games are perhaps distributed by <>, it is misleading to commandeer the PGN tag in this manner.

The <Official> site makes the games available here:




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