John Watson and Chessman Comics

Here is the front cover of <Chessman #1 – The Incredible Adventures of Chessman>, this one has Watson as writer and Christine Hendricks as writer/illustrator (Watson’s girlfriend at the time, and co-resident at the Chess House in Denver).

John L. Watson - Chessman Comics - vol 1 (cover)

It also contains <Chessman Battles Birniak!>. The link above gives the issue date as 1975(?).

Next, is the credit page from <Chessman #2 – Treachery in Transylvania! (1982(?))>, the second volume of a series of  Chessman Comics done by John L. Watson in the early 1980’s. I had never heard of it, but wonder if the main character featured below is a caricature of Watson himself? It must be…

John L. Watson - Chessman Comics - Vol 2

I found this image on Amazon:

They don’t seem to have any copies currently for sale, but I saw that issues sporadically appear for sale on ebay.

You can read more about Watson, written by the man himself, here:

Christine Hendricks has since died, and a moving testimony to her can be found here:


[Update – Once again, I see that I’m covering material already covered by Edward Winter: see CN #8439


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