US Open (1997) – Orlando FL

The 98th US Open was held in 1997 in Orlando FL. The USCF is nice enough to provide a Swiss xtab to it:

Since this xtab contains a lot of useful information, I spent a few moments to put together a small python program to parse it out. Here are some examples of the output it can produce…

First, the top 3 players:

Top 3 ScoresAs always, click on image to enlarge.

Next, we have a local favorite:

Number 126The function can be called with the name (not exactly the same as the USCF name – which is all caps).  I use the place number just for convenience.

Last, a rather quirky situation can arise since the USCF apparently allows participants to reenter the tournament – a concept that almost caused my ears to bleed when I first hear about it:



Premium Chessgames Member
Phony Benoni: If you’re reconciling dupes, another thing to watch out for is players who appear twice in the crosstable, such as Jerry Wheeler at #270 and #510.These tournaments also had a re-entry option. If you didn’t like your start, you could withdraw and re-enter one of the later starting sections, playing extra games for a few days to catch up.So it’s possible that a player could have multiple Open games in the same “round”. However, that’s not Ziatdinov’s problem.

Here’s an example:

Double Wheeler-ingI call it double-Wheeler-ing… and you can imagine the havoc this could cause software trying to manage the data in a tournament. Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say. Or, as Howard the Duck would say:

“Trapped in a world he never made”,


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