New visual puzzle — 2015-04-06


Here is an illustration, the puzzle is to identify the man:

C. R. McAuley - ACM v2 Aug 1898 No 2 p57Two answers will be accepted as correct. When we knew him, circa the photograph above, he was a little shorter.

Another hint: He is indeed connected with chess, but is better known for his “stick” work.

<crawfb5> wrote the following on <CG>:

Premium Chessgames Member
crawfb5: <zanzibar: A new visual puzzle>I know the answer, but only because I cheated. You left an unintended hidden clue about the source. He’s quite obscure, and the “stick” hint doesn’t seem all that helpful. I didn’t find any references to his nonchess work other than your source, so I wonder how well known he is for that. YMMV.

I agree that this is an obscure chess problem. Though, once the answer is revealed, I am sure that most readers will be familiar with the man in “deed”, if not in name. (See the stick hint).

And while I may not be the most skillful constructor of puzzles, let me try to drop a hint or two more before revealing the full answer.


The next hint is also visual, the following contains the answer, one way or the other. That is, if you can spot it:

Pillsbury - Janowski - ACM v2 Nov 1898 No 5 p208a Pillsbury - Janowski - ACM v2 Nov 1898 No 5 p208bAnd just so you don’t get the wrong idea, a spear held near, is dear, but is not a stick, to be clear. That hint comes a little later… stay tooned.

(And as always, click on an illustration to see it in higher resolution.)


Since this is a visual puzzle the last hint I’ll give will be given without any more words (actually, the word was already heard):


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crawfb5: <z> Ok, the “stick” hint makes sense. Yes, he would be known for that work, although probably not by name.



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