Pillsbury Simul – Deutscher Club Milwaukee, 1899-01-08

The following comes from ACM v2, Feb 1899 No 8 p345-346 for the text, and p341 for the photograph (see below):


Milwaukee Wis, January .

After leaving Chicago Pillsbury turned his face toward Milwaukee, where he appeared on January 8 in a double bill at the Deutscher Club, under the auspices of the Pillsbury Chess Club, an organization hardly a year old. Arrangements had been made to give the champion a splendid reception, and to this end the large assembly hall at the Deutscher Club had been artistically decorated and illuminated for the occasion. When the time arrived the hall was soon well filled with spectators and chess players, all anxious to see the great player. In the afternoon the expert played simultaneously against the following twenty-five opponents; H. Bruening, Dr. E. Kovats, D. C. Rogers, Dr. A. J. Schweichler. T. Foelkel, C. Kraemer, Dr. A. J. Puls, Albert Wallber, Gustav Reuss, Julius Frank, . Smith, G. Hebjen. H. Stuenke, O. Gumpert, P. Toepfer, Alex. Wiedring, S. Singer, H. Conrad, A.M. Patitz, Gerhard Patitz, Arthur Selle, I. Frank, F. P. Adler and August Warnicke.

A large number of spectators, including members of the Deutscher Club and their invited guests, crowded around behind the contestants and enjoyed the exhibition. It lasted from 3 o’clock until 7 o’clock, during which time Pillsbury defeated twenty-three, losing only to Hans Bruening, the pianist, and drawing with D. C. Rogers.

The evening exhibition opened at 9 o’clock. Four players, H. Bruening, D. C. Rogers, L. Frank and . S. Gumpert, were seated facing the spectators, while Pillsbury sat at some distance with his back toward his opponents. Messrs. Bruening and Rogers were again successful in upholding the honor of the club, both drawing their games. A feature of the arrangements was the score sheets, specially printed for the occasion, on which appeared an excellent likeness of the champion.

The interest in the royal game has been again aroused in Milwaukee, and the club has greatly increased in membership. Mr. Pillsbury was elected an honorary member of the club


Pillsbury Simultaneous - Deutscher Club Milwaukee - ACM v2 Feb 1899 No 8 p341(Click to see full resolution)

The photograph was very slightly edited in Photoshop LE (contrast adjusted and cropped and skewed, with a blemish or two deleted).



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