Walter Browne selection to Taxco Interzonal

Here both the image and text of the Boston Herald Tunis izt coverage from Sunday, June 9, 1985, written by Orlando (Bud) Lester. In it he mentions how Browne was selected to replace Nunn (who dropped out) in Taxco:

Boston Herald - 1985-06-09 - Walter Browne izt qualification Russians dominate interzonal



The first of the three 1985 interzonals, the one in Tunisła, is over, and the Russians have done it again. This tournament qualifies four players for the Candidates the next step in the cycle, and the Soviets took three of those four places.

Artur Yusupov and Alexander Beliavsky, two of the USSR’s best, were first and second, respectívely; Lajos Portisch of Hungary was third, losing only to Yusupov; and the fourth qualifier will be determined by a match between two more Soviets Viktor Gavrikov and Alexander Chernin.

Considering the competition, both American representatives did well, Nineteen year-old Maxim Dlugy of New York tied for sixth place and Nick deFirmian of Oakland was ninth, both finishing with plus scores.

The second interzonal will begin today in Mexico, and the United States already has had a lucky break there. John Nunn of England and Robert Huebner of West Germany had to drop out. Although Huebner’s withdraw came too late for a substitute to be appointed, former U.S. Champion Walter Browne will replace Nunn. Walter had a terrible time at the Olympiad, winning just one game while playing at a low board, but he is just unpređictable enough to turn it all around in Mexico. Current U.S. Champion Lev Alburt is our other representative.

* * *

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