Oleg I. Dementiev

I’ve been poking around the URS Cup (1970) tournament a little bit of late.

There is a player, Дементьев = Dementiev, who <CG>  gives as “Dementiev, Oleg I.“.

Using <ChessBase Online>  I found one of his games, which allows me to pull up Dementiev’s player profile:

Dementiev, Oleg I

Normally , <ChessBase> uses photographs (or silhouettes), so the line art portrait caught my eye. As did the 700 point rating drop that happened in 2007. Curious, I looked at the information provides:


The biographical information gives his dod as 1991, and I give it in its entirety:

OLEG DEMENTIEV (born 1938, died 1991, 52 years old) Russia
Oleg Ivanovich Dementiev was awarded the Soviet Master of Sports title in 1965.

So it seems clear that is conflating two players — a stronger player from pre-1992, and a weaker player from the new millennium.

By the way, I determined that had 94 games from the tournament, whereas had 95. It turns out that the game above is the missing game. It can also be found in , game #12.



2 thoughts on “Oleg I. Dementiev

    • I agree, conflicts are inevitable. It would help if FIDE assigned every player a unique ID which can never be reassigned or retired. A deceased flag would suffice.

      Also, for disentangling players without a FIDE id, appending the dob would be helpful (more so than some databases – which just add an relatively meaningless index number). If the dob isn’t available, then tag the name with the tournament name until the biographers can sort it out properly.

      Still, is the “gold standard” in this business, and they should scrutinize a reemergence of a long-time inactive player. Especially if the player is deceased!

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