Building a CG collection the Z-way

Let’s pick it up after most of the complications have been dealt with, i.e. from the point where the HTML build page has been produced.

Let’s assume the HTML file has been downloaded onto your local machine, and that it has the correct cid already built into it. Then the first step is to load it into your local browser. Assuming you’re on a windows machine, the easiest way is to find the HTML file in Explorer. Then use the right-click to get the “Open With…” option:

Step 1 - Open HTML in browserI typically use Firefox, so we’ll follow that path. It shouldn’t matter which browser you use. After opening the file we work entirely off the loaded HTML page:

Step 2 - Initial display pageYou see the tournament header (really the name of the origin xtab file used), then a display box and a round-by-round listing of player pairs. The search algorithm only used year and pair (w colors) to find the games. So beware, there could be extraneous games displayed, just like if you did the pairing search on <CG>. But in this case the first round only has the 8 games from the Tunis tournament.

The next step is to add the game to the collection, simply by pressing the button on the left. This should only be done after the game data is scanned for correctness (see below).

After selecting the game via the button the display box will be updated with data from <CG>. You can actually scroll it, but generally it is not used. The button will has a slight visual indication that it’s been selected via the outlining (I wish it was more indicative, but I haven’t decided if the effort would be worth it). Let’s have a look all the same:

Step 3a - Add game to collectionYou can see that game #1385305 was added. Just rinse and repeat for all the other games.

But be careful not to add extraneous games, like those shown in the grayed box below:

Step 3b - Careful to select correct gamesThe gray was added for this page, and doesn’t show up in the HTML build page.

The same game data as on <CG> is on the HTML build page – the player pairing, result, game length, year, “Event/Locale”, ECO and opening name. The link to the game is valid, as is the opening link, just like in a <CG> search. It’s the same after all, just different HTML display – mine is a little more stripped down.

So, even though the data is unnormalized, it’s still clear that the Moscow playoff games have the right pairing, but don’t belong to the Tunis izt. Not so hard then, to pick out the 8 games that do belong to the tournament.

And so on. Fairly simple, and what I think is the eZiest way to build a <CG> collection.

Blessings and prayers for anyone adventurous to try it out!



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