Photographs submitted to Chessgames 1

[Last updated – 2016-03-25]

A list of players whose pictures I submitted for addition (or improvement) on <CG>. All, unless otherwise noted, are public domain. Those marked with (§) have been adopted by <CG>, the rest are presumably pending, awaiting review.

Rudoph Loman (§)
Salmone Reischer (§)
Captain William Davies Evans (§)

David Moody (§) (not public domain, but used with permission)

Lev Polugaevsky (§)
Abraham Mocatta (§)
Max Judd (§)
Hermann Helms (§)
Charles A. Gilberg (§)
Albert de Rothschild (§)

The next 5 players come from an old issue of ICB I found. These photographs are not public domain, but are used under the restricted permission of the Illinois Chess Assocation:

Dmitry Gurevich (<CG> uses Dmitri, which is wrong, <CG> has different photo)
Alexander Goldin (§)
Florin Felecan (§)
Kevin Bachler (§)
Albert Chow

The following obituary and photograph fall under the “fair use” category.
Milan Momic (§)

The rest are all again public domain. The John Cochrane portrait, in particular, comes from an old issue of Scientific American. I used photoshop to fix it, and slightly improve it for viewing – and I think it’s the world’s best portrait of Cochrane (at least until somebody finds the original source and does a better, higher-resolution, scan)

John Cochrane (§)
Vladimir Bagirov
Genrikh Chepukaitis
Henrique Mecking  (<CG> has different, much older, photo)
Alexis Cartier (§)
A. G. Pearsall (§)

Actually, the following may, or may not, be public domain. I use it under “fair use”, in homage to one of my favorite chess  writers/reviewers.

John L. Watson  (<CG> uses Wikimedia photo instead)

Please forgive the lack of references in the following. This entire post was designed to “encourage” <CG> to process the submissions, and each submission to <CG> was properly referenced. Next time the need arises for a similar post to this one, I will include the references. In fact, I may just as well post the photos to a blog page prior to even submitting them.



Rudolph Loman - BCM v12 Aug 1892 - Portrait Gallery

Frau S Reischer - WSZ - Nov 1936 - p300
Captain Evans (portrait)
David W Moody (full size)                               David Moody


Lev_Polugaevsky_1973                    Lev Polugaevsky



Abraham Mocatta             Abraham Mocatta


Max Judd - BCM v12 June 1892 p236            Max Judd (older)

Max Judd - Book of the 2nd Am Chess Congress - frontpiece.try1
Hermann Helms - ACM v2 Aug 1898 No 2 p83
Charles A. Gilberg - 59 - ACM v1 Jan 1898
Rothschild, Baron Albert de - ACM v1 March 1898 No 10 p555            Albert de Rothschild


Gurevich, Dmitry - ICB_1998_01_02-p12
Alexander Goldin - ICB - 1998-01-02-p13         Alexander Goldin


Florin Felecan - ICB - 1998-01-02-p14 Florin Felecan - ICB - 1998-01-02-p33              Florin Felecan


Keven Bachler - Albert Chow - 1998-01-02-p24

Milan Momic obit - Times Daily - 1997-11-20Milan Momic
John Cochrane - SciAm Suppl N123 1878-05-11 p1964 - zfixed
Bagirov_1998_Grieskirchen  Vladimir Bagirov
Chepukaitis, Genrikh - corrected          Genrikh Chepukaitis


Mequinho3Henrique Mecking (contemporary)


Cartier, Alexis (CAN)Alexis Cartier


Pearsall, A. G. -- ACB v13 n2 Feb 1916 p43

John L. Watson - Chessman Comics - Vol 2 (closeup) John L. Watson (just kidding, but it is him!)


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