Capablanca NYC Simultaneous – Feb 12, 1931 – (Slight Return)

The best source of the opponent teams for this simultaneous comes from <1931-02-13 NY Herald Tribune p26 Friday>, which I looked up online at my local library.

It has a very detailed list of the members of each and every team. Unfortunately, one team (<The World>) has some difficulty in reading due to cutoff blurring at the bottom of page, and especially for the scan in one column. Otherwise the reproduction was passable. Using all the previous sources listed in my other post,

to supplement some of the biographical details, I was able to assemble the following list – which is probably the most complete out there (if you know one better, please comment):

 1. Weekhauken CC         --  William J. Bryan, Col. Charles E. Stewart Jr., Arthur Wortman, G. R. Denton (maybe J.R.)
 2. Leonia CC             --  Charles H. Eckerson, James G. Norton, Norman L. Bearse, Warren G. Findley
 3. East Orange HS        --  Silas A. Lottridge, Edgar McCormick, Harold Pump, Harold W. Snowden jr.
 4. Demarest HS           --  Norman Nathan, Mario Sciorsci, Alfred Clementz, Edwin Cordits
 5. Pillsbury CC of Bergen County -- P. R. Eastman, J. R. Chandler, H. B. Bullard jr., DeWitt Clinton 2nd
 6. Hawthorne CC          --  H. Gebel, J. Pekaar, J. B. Snethlage (or Shethlage)
 7. Chatham CC            --  Alan Brown, E. Montchyk, Robert F. Edwards, William E. Edwards
 8. Newark Rice CC        --  D. Gottfried, C. Parmelee, H. A. Brady, E. Ungerleider
 9. Manhattan CC          --  Reuben Fine, Donald MacMurray, A. Schwartz, (L. Stephens)
10. Hoit, Rose and Troster CC -- Milton Pinkus, Jack Rocamora, Morris Schapiro, R. I. Bornholz
11. Gracie Square Pharmacy CC -- Robert Willman, Robert Ferguson, Miss Theresa Willman, Miss Frances Beck
12. I. L. Rice Progressive CC -- Edmund Parago, Jacob Kahn, Henry Kahrs, C. M. Becker
13. Philidor CC           --  T. Rivero, Emilio Deymier, R. Rojas, J. M. Castano
14. Marshall CC           --  G. A. Pfeiffer, A. C. Klahre, Erling Tholfsen, Bruno Forsberg
15. Park Avenue CC        --  Charles P. Rogge, Dr. Bodog F. Beck, Louis W. Sechtman, Oscar Tenner
16. Brooklyn CC           --  Severin Bruzza, Paul Leu, G. C. Dietz, Robert M. Varnum
17. West Side YMCA        --  H. A. Herisse, M. D. (Menelaos Dimitri) Hassialis, Joseph Huszar, Julius Weiss
18. Brooklyn Institute CC --  E. B. Adams, Dr. A. H. Wechsler, E. B. Hecht, R. C. Slater
19. Columbia University   --  A. S. Kussman '30 (or '3G?), T. H. Beyer '31, R. W. Borsodi jr. '32, W. G. Madow '32
20. Harvard University    --  M. C. Stark '33, Alex Saron '31, E. J. Davis 2G, Chevalier 3G
21. Yale University       --  George D. Knopf '31, M. Fenneli '32, E. Borsodi '33, S. M. Tager '31
22. Princeton University  --  D. C. Forbes ('32 Sect/Capt), D. A. Stern ('32 VP), R. K. Farnham ('32), H. R. Huntington ('32)
23. New York Athletic Club -- Harry T. Owens, Henry Chanler, Frederick Wynne-Jones, Francis T. Appleby
24. Brooklyn Daily Eagle  -- Charles R. Macauley, Arthur M. Howe, John Alden, Dr. G. C. Dohme
25. West Point Academy    --  Col. C. P. Echols, Lt. Col. Clayton E. Wheat, Major H. R. Harmon, Lieut. R. E. Randall
26. The Sun Club          --  James E. Craig, Louis Hinrichs, Stephen Rathbun, Alison Munsey
27. NY Herald Tribune CC  --  Allan Holcomb, Mason Sutherland, John Price, Arthur Glass (Glace?)
28. World (? New World) CC      --  Wad(?) Brown, George H. Daley, Herman Michelson, Allan Norton
29. National Vaudeville Artists -- Dr. Maurice Minton, J. A. McCarron, Jess Marshall, Henry Chesterfield
30. Bank of America CC    --  Pedro F. Rojas, William Borman, S. William Eissenburg, M. Schultz
31. Crestwood CC          --  Horace G. Healey, George F. Schmidt, Henry S. Richards, William M. Kern
32. Holsatia CC           --  William Treiber, E. Sporkmann, O. Strobl, H. Adler
33. Yonkers YMCA          --  J. K. Theise, A. M. Sanborn, J. Platt, William M. Finger
34. Empire City CC  (A)   --  A. Thomas McDermott, Dr. B. Bloch, Dr. A. Kahn, M. Lifschitz
35. Empire City CC  (B)   --  Ira J. Ettinger, Charles Bourbeau, Michael Kronick, Nicholas Calyo
36. Providence CC (of RI) --  R. I. Lovell, J. C. Cook, Street, Johnston
37. Bellevue Hospital CC  --  Dr. J. S. Fitzgerald, Dr. L. W. Brown, Dr. D. A. DeSanto, Dr. H. S. Kirkland
38. Cosmopolitan CC       --  Francis Hernandez, John Turner, Louis Navejs, A. Lopez
39. NY Edison Co.         --  C. Totten, John L. Stockmar, Gerald Cohn, G. W. Baumbach
40. Chess Association of Private Schools of NYC -- Ralph de Golyer, Alfred C. Mohr, Francis M. Hugo
41. Trinity School        --  John S. Weeks, George F. Watts, George B. Covington, Harold M. Jackson
42. Evening Post "Ladderites"      -- Ralph Root, Lester S. Glass, George Greene jr., (F. Reinfeld)
43. Bell Telephone Laboratories CC -- H. W. Bode, H. M. Stoller, T. Slonczewski, J. Chyczewski
44. Bushwick HS           --  Donald McClellan, Walter Sunnuck, Emil Meyer, Milton Goldberg
45. Staten Island CC      --  F. Solzano, P. Runyon, (Sharp, Lambrecht)
46. Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA) -- Stanley H. Chadwick, Walter Frere, Willis H. Failing, Z. Leslie Hoover, (Cossman)
47. Binghamton CC         --  Lloyd C. Anderson, Lynn Bryant, Harold Evans, C. W. Yeomans (Miller)
48. Women's CC of NY      --  Mrs. William I Seaman, Mrs. Natalie Nixdorff, Mrs. Arthur C. Forbes, Mrs. David C. Willard
49. Pawn CC               --  John W. Ames, A. W. Willcox, A. F. Gariner, E. A. Neholsine
50. "Newark Evening News" --  Harold Rand, Gregory Bardache, Meyer Goldberg, Harold Spielman

I posted a pdf of the NY Herald Tribune, Friday 1931-02-13 article here:

I do want to mention, before ending the post, that Table 24 consisted of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle team, with Charles R. Macauley, the great political cartoonist and former illustrator of the American Chess Magazine apparently playing first board.

24. Brooklyn Daily Eagle  -- Charles R. Macauley

He is pictured in the following photograph, sitting down on Capablanca’s right, with glasses and tie, looking away from Capablanca.


I have an entire post dedicated to him here:



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