Browser troubles (or, That’s a Wrap!)

Up until very recently I had been exclusively using Mozilla’s Firefox browser, both for writing these blog entries, and for reading them.

As any reader of mine knows, I tend to include lots of data, be it player lists or entire Swiss crosstables of various tournaments. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I needed this data to be properly presented.

The expectation isn’t too much, after all, I just wanted to insert the text verbatim in a monospaced font.

Recent changes to the WordPress editor has made it that much more difficult, as I find the new editor utterly ill-suited to my needs. Fortunately, the old editor remains available through the dashboard -> WP admin panel, even if accessing it is more difficult.

Normally, the reader is blissfully unaware of these machinations.

Similarly, as a Firefox user, I was blissfully unaware of the word wrap-around, of long lines, that my pre-formatted data-text inserts were receiving at the hands of Chrome, or Explorer. (I don’t know about Safari or Opera at the moment).

On Firefox, my Swiss tables, and other text-inserts with long lines, each had exactly one line of display for every line of input. If the text ran off the page, it wasn’t wrapped, but was clipped, for the display. The browser always made it available via a horizontal scroll bar. You could still mouse-drag highlight the entire line for copying into the clipboard (even without viewing the entire line). This is what I expected, and still expect.

I must apologize to all other readers – I wasn’t aware that all my efforts to line up columns was for naught, due to wrap around. This presumably also interferes with cut-and-paste operations, when superfluous lines are added to my input.

Basically, I hate this behavior, and was negligent to assume each browser was properly behaved.

So, dear reader, apology. If you need the data lined up properly, please use Firefox (at the moment).

In the future I either must truncate the input, or think hard about some alternative (including moving the blog?). Maybe I should make each data insert available for download as a text file?

Just what I wanted, more work!



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