<crawfb5> was nice enough to send me the complete set of ICCF WC01-25, i.e. the correspondence World Championship Finals.

These are tournaments that take at least a year, and sometimes almost 10 years to complete. The lastest is WC29, started in 6/20/2015 (or 2015.06.20). They are RR’s, and can be played either via mail (aka post), email, or on the ICCF server.

The tournaments from <crawfb5> were in very good shape, i.e. all were complete. However, a small amount of regularization was needed. I coercised all the Events to have the same format, e.g. “WCnn/final (ssff)” where nn denotes the index of the event, and ss/ff are the last two digits of the start/finish dates. If the tournament pages on ICCF didn’t give an explicit finish date, I used the date from the “lastest results”.

Some other small cleanup involved changing the “ICCF” site to “ICCF Server“, so that the site tag was one of three values: “ICCF Post“, “ICCF Email” of “ICCF Server“.

Additionally I changed all the PGN Date tags to match the EventDate tags, which ICCF seems to utilize properly.

Finally, if a player name contained a “(“ character and not a “)” character, I added a closing “)”. Many player names embed the nationality of the player using parentheses.

All of these changes I deem “minimal”, but necessary in order to have a consistent PGN of 25 tournaments which can be clearly processed however one might like in the future.

I posted this data here:   https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4CTS_ohHuAobFRFRWxBa203Wk0

In the future I might consider adding ICCF identifiers to each game (similar to the CG_id tags I introduced). I might also add CG identifiers as well, depending.



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