CG vs TWIC – round 2

Having reached this point, I then asked:

Premium Chessgames Member
zanzibar: As concerns TWIC:
I’m going to post a little more on the topic, but I’d like a little clarification first.Can <chessgames> point me to a specific example of a TWIC with a tournament that you consider substandard?I tried looking for high school matches, or very weak tournaments and haven’t found any such examples.Of course, TWIC is a huge project, and I admittedly only looked at a few downloads with this particular goal in mind.

To which <chessgames> replied:

Premium Chessgames Member I took a peek in the latest TWIC issue and just for example, the “6th Arco Christmas Open” is not particularly important. There are a few masters there and we’d be happy to take some games that might have a pretty combination, but all too many of the games are like this one:[Event “6th Arco Christmas Open”]
[Site “Arco ITA”]
[Date “2015.12.30”]
[Round “7.41”]
[White “Montori,Giorgia”]
[Black “Rigo,Nicola”]
[Result “0-1”]
[BlackElo “1307”]
[ECO “C44”]
[Opening “Scotch opening”]
[WhiteFideId “2838767”]
[BlackFideId “892564”]
[EventDate “2015.12.26”]1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 Bd6 4. Bg5 Nf6 5. Bc4 O-O 6. O-O b6 7. Bd2 Nxe4 8. Bd5 Nxd2 9. Qxd2 Re8 10. Bb3 Bb7 11. c3 Qf6 12. Bc2 e4 13. Re1 exf3 14. Rxe8+ Rxe8 15. Na3 Re2 16. Qd1 Qh6 17. g3 Qh3 18. Qf1 Qxf1+ 19. Kxf1 Ba6 20. c4 Bxa3 21. Bd3 Rxb2 22. Re1 Nxd4 23. Re3 b5 24. c5 Bxc5 25. Re5 Ne6 26. Rf5 Rxf2+ 27. Ke1 Re2+ 28. Bxe2 fxe2 29. Kxe2 b4+ 30. Kd2 Bc4 31. a4 bxa3 32. Kc2 a2 33. Kc3 Bb5 34. Kb2 Bc4 35. Rxc5 Nxc5 36. Kc3 a1=Q+ 37. Kxc4 Qc1+ 38. Kd5 c6+ 39. Kd6 Qc4 40. Kc7 Na6+ 41. Kxd7 Qe6+ 0-1I actually loaded that into a PGN viewer. I would never disparage beginners or poke fun of their poor moves, but I just don’t see the purpose of immortalizing a game like this in the main database.From time to time somebody will want to save a game like this for reasons somewhat personal to themselves, and that’s fine. As I intimated, one day we plan on offering that as a option.

Let’s use SCID to annotate this game, which is between an unrated player and a 1300. For the record, here’s the annotation parameters:

SCID annotate parameters

Clearly given the low rating and lack of rating, the play will be expected to be error prone. But is the game totally irredeemable? Not really, as I found an interesting position at Black’s move 15.

Montori--Rigo - Black move 15

Black played a move, 15…Re2 which is annotated as a blunder by SCID, even though it evals to -10.41, which is completely winning (and better than the material B+P lead). The reason it’s marked a blunder is because there is an unplayed forced mate (an M-10). It’s my opinion that this mate is very challenging and instructive.

Montori--Rigo - annotation 15

And so, despite having low rated players we have a high level, challenging position. In fact, to balance the material hole White is in, I cooked the position by adding the bishop back on the board to make an interesting problem:

Premium Chessgames Member
zanzibar: Here’s a tactical from a cooked position:

(Black to move)

4r1k1/pbpp1ppp/1pnb1q1B/8/3P4/N1P2p2/PPBQ1PPP/R5K1 b – – 0 1

Hint – the best move doesn’t involve a capture on h6, at least not initially.

There’s a lot of nice little puzzles spinning off in various sidelines. What I like about the position is how Black basically utilizes all his pieces, and I do mean all (hint, hint) to prosecute the attack.

Cooked from a game suggested by <chessgames>!

<6th Arco Christmas Open ITA | 2015.12.30 | Montori, Giorgia — Rigo, Nicola (1307) | 0-1>

Now, do we want such games in the database? Probably not, I would agree. There probably should be some rating floor put in place in general. Certainly, not having a rating would suggest exclusion. On the other hand, many GM simuls involve unrated players, and somehow a large number find their way into the DB.

Additionally, I think that having FIDE id’s for both players make these games easily manageable if they were to be included in the DB.


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