CG vs TWIC – round 3

Having set the stage for the debate, let’s step back from generalizing the worthiness of TWIC’s collection of tournaments on the basis of just one game. We can agree to applying a general filter, if need be, for very low average rated games. Well, those that don’t involve at least one high rated player – that is, if we want to have complete and accurate leaderboards for general Swiss tournaments.

(Swiss tournaments will sometimes pair a very strong player against a weak one in early rounds. Presumably, we would want to keep all the games of the top, say, 10 finishers from a tournament. Wouldn’t we?)

Let’s look at the content of a recent TWIC download, TWIC1104. We can load the PGN into side, and then use the Tournament Finder window to obtain a view of all the TWIC tournaments. SCID 4.4 allows us to sort on the average ELO for each tournament, and so we obtain this view:Tournaments - TWIC1104 - elo sort(Click on image to enlarge)

There are 2627 games from 30 tournaments, covering the period from 2015.10.16 to 2016.01.03. The average rating spans from 1782 to 2529 ELO (2785 ELO if playoff match is allowed). Of the 30 tournaments, 26 have an average ELO of 2100 or better.

Let’s compare the recent additions of <CG> over the same period to see if all of these tournaments are included, or if TWIC is missing any. To do this we must refer to the <New Tournaments> page on <CG>:  New Tournament Index.

One thing immediately obvious is how difficult it is to navigate through <CG>’s tournaments. The master list in the link has no indication of when the tournaments took place, nor the number of games or players. Compare this to the SCID <Tournament Finder> window above:

CG New Tournaments Index

Let’s pick a sample tournament to see what, if any, additional information is presented. This example actually has now information than most, 16th Poikovsky Karpov Tournament (2015).

CG Sample New Tournament I’ve truncated the page, not showing the game list or kibitzing. That doesn’t matter for our purposes, we’re interested in the biographical data for the tournament. (Note however, that the kibitzing will sometimes include this, but more often than not will not).

There is very little info – no date or site location. We do get a list of the players, and for this case, a link to the Official site. We also have the number of players and number of games. All of which is good. But, we really are left in the dark in determining when the tournament took place, a basic piece of information needed for the comparison with TWIC.

I suppose I can assume some chronological ordering of the tournaments on the New Tournament Index page – but this is a bit of a kludge. I suppose I could assume TWIC is more complete, and look for missing TWIC tournaments… perhaps this is the best first approximation.

Here is a list of <CG> tournaments, back-dating till the beginning of November, as far as I can tell, for the most recent 12 entries:

2016.01.02-2016.01.12 -- New Zealand Open (2016)
2015.12.28-2016.01.05 -- Hastings Chess Congress 2015/16 (2015)
2015.12.19-2015.12.26 -- Nutcracker Match of the Generations (Rapid A) (2015)
2015.12.19-2015.12.26 -- Nutcracker Match of the Generations (2015)
2015.12.19-2015.12.29 -- Qatar Masters (2015)
2015.12.05-2015.12.16 -- London Chess Classic (2015)
2015.11.24-2015.12.01 -- China Chess Queens (2015)
2015.11.24-2015.12.01 -- China Chess Kings (2015)
2015.11.13-2015.11.22 -- European Team Championship (Women) (2015)
2015.11.13-2015.11.22 -- European Team Championship (2015)
2015.11.04-2015.11.08 -- Barcelona GM International (2015)
2015.10.26-2015.11.01 -- Bilbao Masters (2015)

Now remember, we’re looking for TWIC tournaments missing from <CG>. For instance, both Hastings and Nutcracker can be found on TWIC, but not in release 1104. Let’s show the TWIC1104 tournaments, marking those found on <CG> in blue:

        Date    Players Games   Elo     Site: Event     Winner

2015.12.29      2       2       2785    Doha QAT              : Qatar Masters TB 2015
2015.12.29      130     65      2529    Doha QAT              : Qatar Masters Open 2015
2015.12.27      34      41      2510    Cleveland USA         : Pan-Am Intercollegiate
2016.01.02      10      20      2445    Spoleto ITA           : 1st FideAcademy GM 2016
2015.12.29      2       1       2426    Groningen NED         : van Foreest vs Ernst m
2015.12.28      44      46      2420    Zurich SUI            : 39th Zurich Christmas
2015.12.28      37      61      2413    Boeblingen GER        : 32nd Boeblinger Open 2015
2016.01.02      56      60      2407    Roquetas de Mar ESP   : 27th Roquetas de Mar Open
2015.12.29      18      63      2401    Fagernes NOR          : TV 2 Chess International
2015.12.29      123     118     2374    Al-Ain UAE            : 4th Al Ain Chess Classic
2015.12.28      35      48      2360    Aschach AUT           : 24th Donau Open 2015
2015.12.28      75      102     2359    Las Vegas USA         : 25th North American Open
2015.12.27      56      80      2339    Lorca ESP             : 4th Lorca Open 2015
2015.12.28      93      291     2327    Stockholm SWE         : 45th Rilton Cup 2015-16
2015.12.26      28      45      2322    Litomysl CZE          : Czech Christmas 2015-16
2015.12.29      31      40      2318    Pontevedra ESP        : 4th Tilve Mem 2015
2015.12.29      16      15      2312    Paderborn GER         : 12th Schachtuerken Cup
2016.01.02      127     181     2287    Schwaebisch Gmuend GER: 28th Staufer-Open 2016
2016.01.02      34      68      2280    Melbourne AUS         : ch-AUS 2016
2015.12.27      106     408     2278    Krakow POL            : 26th Cracovia Open A
2016.01.01      58      170     2219    Basel SUI             : Basel Masters 2016
2015.12.05      53      48      2210    Germany GER           : Fraubundesliga 2015-16
2015.12.28      70      95      2207    Groningen NED         : 53rd Groningen Open 2015
2015.12.28      88      283     2144    Hastings ENG          : Hastings Masters 2015-16
2016.01.02      66      70      2111    Auckland NZL          : 123rd ch-NZL Open 2016
2016.01.03      89      75      2101    Bosnjaci CRO          : 21st Bosnjaci Open
2015.10.16      6       30      1987    Kiryat Ono ISR        : ch-ISR QF GpB 2015
2015.12.29      59      54      1952    Arco ITA              : 6th Arco Christmas Open
2015.10.16      6       30      1913    Kiryat Ono ISR        : ch-ISR QF GpA 2015
2016.01.02      7       17      1782    Sofia BUL             : 159th MGU Open 2016

What is the criteria used by <CG> for including a tournament? It appears to be fairly arbitrary, since many higher rated tournaments are omitted, whereas fairly low ranked tournaments like Hastings and NZL-Open are included. Certainly, user requests, and possibly tradition, account for their inclusion.

But what about a middle-of-the-run tournament like <45th Rilton Cup (2015)>?

It’s included in other years, i.e. 2002, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013  – CG Rilton Cup tournament search

Rilton Cup (2013)
Rilton Cup (2009)
Rilton Cup (2007)
XXXV Rilton Cup (2006)
32nd Rilton Cup (2002)

This coverage strikes me as haphazard. All of the missing years prior to 2015 can be found on, with perhaps the exception of 2010 (I couldn’t find it there, but TWIC does have it): coverage of missing tournaments:
  44th Rilton Cup 2014-15
  XLII Rilton Cup         
  XLI Rilton Cup 2011-12  
  38th Rilton Cup 2008-9
  Rilton Cup 35th         
  Rilton Cup 34th         
  Rilton Cup 33rd


One can see that <365chess> also has the same problem with inconsistent nomenclature that <CG> has, as concerns systematically naming each tournament in the series. Personally, I would prefer something like <1st Rilton Cup (1971)>.

Ah, but that’s really an aside. To reiterate, the main point of this posting is to show that <CG> tournament coverage is lacking. It’s lacking several strong tournaments that it should include (e.g. Pan-Am Intercollegiate, FIDEAcademy, etc.). And for the tournaments it does include, it lacks basic biographical information.



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