London (1862) – Preliminary results and xtabs.

[Warning – everything on this page is preliminary, and subject to revision.

For convenience, here is a link to the complete <London (1862)> Chess Congress Grand Tourney:

<London (1862)> Grand Tourney z-PGN v0.2   (108 games – 85 from <CG> + stubs) ]


I recently discovered that <CG> was lacking a tournament page for <London (1862)>. A bit of a surprise that.

Luckily, <sneaky_pete> had already built a nice collection of 85 games. I presume they all came from Lowenthal’s 1864 tournament book on the matter. There is a lot of detailed research which I will omit discussing at the moment, in my rush to publish the various xtabs from what I think is the world’s most complete and accurate PGN for the tournament.

The PGN has been processed and enhanced to account for all the forfeits, and includes stubs for two missing games. In total, there are 108 games. Remember, for this tournament, draws were not counted, and pairings were replayed until either a forfeit or decision was reached. There were 91 decisive games, of which 21 were forfeits (two decisive games are missing, as already noted).

Here are the two xtabs from SCID where all the games are include (draws are scored “*”, so total points are accurately reflected for each player):

Round Robin format:

SCID RR xtab (108 games)

(Click on image to enlarge)


Swiss format:

SCID Swiss xtab (108 games)

Here is another view of the RR xtab, utilizing only the decisive games:

SCID RR xtab (91 games)

(Click on image to enlarge)

As they say, “Everyone in his place, and a place for everyone”.

BTW- Hannah, who must be missing from SCID db, was 35 or 36 at the time. Also, this was Blackburne’s first international tournament. He scored respectably, especially considering he forfeited two games.

The definitive source of the tournament results is show as follows, it’s the table on p lxxiv of Lowenthal’s tournament book:

Grand Tourney Winners p lxxiv - totals emphasized I added the orange outline to emphasize the totals used for placement in the tournament. These results should match the results from the SCID’s processing of the tournament PGN (w stubs). I believe the PGN also will accurately match the forfeit wins/losses as well.

The two missing games are as follows:

1862.07.14  A00  0  (R?)  1-0  Barnes, Thomas Wilson -- MacDonnell, George Alcock
1862.07.14  A00  0  (R?)  0-1  Hannah, James -- Green, Valentine

I would like to thank <sneaky_pete> for building the original tournament collection on <CG>. I would also like to thank <jnpope> for his <O’Keefe Timeline Project>, which proved very useful in determining some of the dates of several of the games. A special thanks goes to <Tim Harding> for his wonderful book on <Joseph Henry Blackburne> (published by MacFarland) without which I would have certainly not found my way through the confusing accounting of forfeits in the tournament book.


2 thoughts on “London (1862) – Preliminary results and xtabs.

    • Hello qindarka93 –

      I think the best bet for that would be to get a hold of Gillam’s book on the tournament. I tried my very best to put as accurate and complete a treatment for all of Reichhelm’s Fifty. However, I don’t have as complete access to the contemporaneous newspapers as a British citizen would – because I’m lacking access (almost all the early British papers that aren’t on jnpope’s site (O’Keefe Timeline, etc.) are behind a paywall).

      However, iirc (I did this research awhile ago, and am writing this off the top of my head – wo consulting my notes (sorry)) – this is one of the most poorly published tournaments of all of Reichhelm’s Fifty. Thus, I expect not even Gillam has the complete information.

      OK, thanks.

      PS- If you do manage to find out more, please comment about it!

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