New Visual Puzzle — 2016-01-20

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…


Here’s the question – is anybody able to identify the chess player on the right?

pic-01(He’s rather well known round these parts.)

[ Some hints follow, or you can jump straight to the solution: Solution to Visual Puzzle 2016-01-21 ]

Before I get to the older man’s picture, which might be more of a give-away, here’s a more obscure hint:


Supposedly, from this vantage spot, you can see where the man in question once lived. I’m not so sure I can, but that’s what the text describing the above photograph claims.


And here is a photograph of the chess set used by our mystery player.

Well, I can’t help myself – here’s an extra, penultimate hint. It’s quite topical, and happily coincides with my recent kick of <CG> avatars (i.e. toads, frogs and turtles). An Indian research, SD Biju has recently discovered a species of tree frog thought to have been extinct for some 150 years, since 1870.

I first became aware of the discovery via this very recent BBC article:
New species of tree frog - SD Biju(Newly rediscovered tree frog)

Looks like I need a new avatar!

As concerns our unidentified chess player, it’s just an accident, but this newly found species offers a hint, as part of the answer can be found in this more detailed news article (with lush photographs):

Those who enjoy a challenge should stop here. There’s enough hints in the above to solve the puzzle, without aid of the last hint which follows.

(Spoiler alert)







(I wonder who?)

This last hint is a dead give away.


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