Auction of Morphy’s Effects

While researching <2nd BCA Congress London (1886)> I came across this small, and somewhat sad, news clipping:

1886-08-04 -- Sporting Life v7 N17 (Morphy - Audition of effects)

It’s from Sporting Life v7 N17 1886-08-04.

I thought it notable, and found that Batgirl has written more extensively on the matter (though she mostly used British sources):

I recommend hopping over to her post immediately. She does her usual excellent job at telling the story, plus she’s does an exquisite job at finding photographs of many of the effects.


The Morphy Silver Set eventually found it’s way to the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis. I’ve “borrowed” their photograph of the set:

Morphy Silver Set 1857

but recommend going over to their site for a better view (of this, and many other interesting artifacts)

What follows is just other clippings that I managed to find (or almost find) from contemporaneous news reports.

Let’s start with an item from the July 25 NY Times with the byline from July 24 New Orleans.

At the moment I don’t have access to Proquest, so, unless I find it at Old Fulton the stub is the best I can do.

I also tried to find a mention using Louisiana newspapers, which must have the fullest account. Starting at this site:

I was sent over to the LOC’s Chronicling America site:

There I was only able to find the briefest of mention in the St. Landry Democrat of Sept 11, 1886. It was so sparse that I won’t even bother to show it here. If interested, you can use the following link here (bottom of 4th column).

Using Old Fulton, I did manage to find this account (which includes some of the bidding action):

1886-07-26 -- Philadelphia Inquirer p1 (Morphy's effects)

From the Philadelphia Inquirer 1886-07-26 p1 (click image to enlarge).

It compliments another account from the Boston Evening Transcript of the same day, which is unfortunately cocked at an angle I find too annoying to post here without cleanup. You can find the article here:,1519163&hl=en


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