Z-base – Retireborn version

Note- please see this post for a link to the lastest, up-to-date, version of Z-base:

This is a very preliminary release of all the tournaments that I’ve processed up to this point in time. They’re essentially <CG> versions, corrected if necessary, and filled with stubs to get complete records. It’s intended for use by <Retireborn> and other “early adopters”. I thank all these brave souls in advance, and apologize for the inevitable mistakes lying in wait.

Using SCID I can match all the tournament leaderboards just from the PGN. This requires that missing results are reflected with stubs, and that playoffs are properly normalized as stand-alone tournaments (where the <ChessBase> and <365chess> convention is followed when possible).

Let’s put the link to the PGN out front:   https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4CTS_ohHuAobnQzWGhFUjh6eTQ

It consists of 608 games, with 14 “tournaments”, containing these events (where <CG> links are used if available):

  1. London (1851)                                                (knockout)
  2. 1st American Congress (1857)                    (knockout)
  3. Paris (1867)                                                     (double RR, draws don’t count, not replayed)
  4. London (1862)                                                (RR, draws don’t count, replayed)
  5. Dundee (1867)                                                (RR, draws score 1/2 point)
  6. Baden-Baden (1870)                                     (double RR)
  7. 2nd BCA Congress – London (1886)           (RR)

So, in actually, we’re only dealing with 7 tournaments, although some have one or more playoffs.


  1. London (1851)  – 3rd/4th place playoff, 5th/6th place playoff, 7th/8th place playoff
  2. 1st American Congress (1857) – 3rd/4th place playoff
  3. London (1862) – technical flaw in SCID due to lack of dates causes it to split in Tournament finder. But the xtab is correct.
  4. 2nd BCA Congress – 1st/2nd place playoff, 3rd/4th place playoff

Some of the <Paris (1867)> games need correcting (cf), but otherwise, I think this might just be the most accurate and complete PGN for these tournaments out there.



One thought on “Z-base – Retireborn version

  1. Congrats on a fine piece of work!
    1.There is still a line or something at the top of the pgn which Chessbase thinks is an unconvertable game. It converts to 621 games (every stub, fragment counts as a game.)

    2. The [Annotator] field works, although only one game has it.

    3. Draws not counting – I see you’ve left these without result so they don’t appear in the crosstables. In Chessbase these games look unfinished and it’s probably a good idea to have a text note at the end saying “drawn, didn’t count etc” – tedious I know! Unfortunately the Paris 1867 crosstable does look as if some games simply weren’t played. In Big 2002 the draws are included, but it does alter a couple of the standings.

    4.The [EventDate] field for the 2nd BCA playoffs could be changed, given that the dates for these games are known.

    5. Some of the Dundee stubs (eg Fraser-Spens) have text beginning %stub followed by contradictory round/date info – these could be edited out.

    Of course all these suggested edits can be carried out very easily by a Chessbase user, so I think you can be proud of what you’ve done here!

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