Vienna (1873) – xtabs and match scores

There are three tournaments needed to cover the <Vienna (1873)> tournament – the normal main tournament, the playoff tournament, and a match score tournament. SCID is able to handle all these tournaments even if they exist in one PGN file. I’m not so sure about Chessbase.

So, for the moment, I’ve broken the coverage into two files – the normal games, and a match-score stub file. The latter contains stub games which record the match scores, allowing a RR xtab reproducing that shown on p43 of the tournament book. It clearly shows the tie between Steinitz and Blackburne, which necessitated the playoff:

CB - Vienna (1873) match scores xtab

The normal RR table shows all the game results, but doesn’t accurately reflect the player’s tournament placement:

CB - Vienna (1873) RR xtab

SCID - Vienna (1873) RR xtab


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