Visual Puzzle – Wiesbaden (1880) – A Glimpse of the Contestants

Visual Puzzle – Contestants at Wiesbaden (1880)

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News September 25, 1880 issue is this lush illustration of many, if not all, of the contestants in the 2nd DSB Congress, Wiesbaden (1880) master’s tournament,:

Chess Congress at Wiesbaden - ISDN - 1880.09.25

Chess Congress at Wiesbaden – ISDN – 1880.09.25    (click to enlarge)

I’m pretty sure that Blackburne is seated left at the board, playing against L. Paulsen on the right, while Steinitz standing, arms folded, between the two players. Landsberger mentions that several of the other people in the picture are Englisch, Schwarz, Schallopp, Minckwitz, W. Paulsen, Mason and Zwangzig, but he doesn’t identify which of these names belong to which figure (afaik).

So, this time the visual puzzle is also a request for help in identification, which name belongs to which figure?

Any help would be appreciated, just leave a comment here or on the <CG> Bistro


Update 2018-03-04:

Found the photo also appears on p262 of Renette’s book “H.E. Bird” with the following caption:

A group of players and an official of the Wiesbaden tournament (1880). Sitting: Emil Schallopp, Adolph Schwarz, Joseph H. Blackburne and Louis Paulsen. Standing: Hermann Zwanzig, Berthold Englisch, Wilfried Paulsen, James Mason, Wilhelm Steinitz, Johannes Minckwitz and Johann H. Zukertort. Bird is conspicuously absent (Illustrirte Zeitung).




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