Leipzig (1879) – 1st DSB Congress – A paucity of sources

It is most unfortunate that one of the greatest and richest of German chess writing, DSZ, is utterly unavailable from any German open online sources. The  same can be said of the early chess history recorded in British newspapers, both daily and weekly. It appears that the United States, the Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland do a much better job, and all chess historians derive great benefit as a result.

The 1st DSB Congress (Kongress), held in Liezig (1879) is a tournament whose tournament book is very rare, at least one assumes it rare given the price of a 1st edition copy. There isn’t an online copy of it available anywhere I could find. There is an OLM’s edition, which is essentially a facsimile copy of Schallopp’s tournament book. We all know that the internet has obsolesced the role previously assumed by OLM. My thoughts on the matter is that we owe OLM a gratitude for the work done in its time, but that there is more benefit for the greater number to have Google books assume the role. One of the clearest advantages is having an OCR edition available, both for searching and for quoting. Being able to quickly cut-and-paste text for use with Google’s translator is critical when exploring non-English sources.

Returning to the topic of <Leipzig (1879)> we have an excellent example of this – since only the Danish periodical, Nordisk Skaktidende, contained any detailed contemporaneous coverage (such as it was) in the entire collection of literature currently available at Chess Archeology. The most glaring omission, as mentioned above, is the lack of DSZ volumes for this period:

Deutsche Schachzeitung (continues from Schachzeitung 1871)
1872 v27 1873 v28 1874 v29 1875 v30 1876 v31 1877 v32 1878 v33 1879 v34 1880 v35 1881 v36
1882 v37 1883 v38 1884 v39 1885 v40 1886 v41 1887 v42 1888 v43 1889 v44 1890 v45 1891 v46
Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton

The years 1875-1881 are completely missing, most unforunately. As I said, one might hope that a German source might be found for this highly respected German periodical – the vast majority of available volumes is currently from American university libraries. Is there no such effort from German universities?

Again returning to <Leipzig (1879)> here is the  Nordisk Skaktidende v6-7 (Aug-Sep 1879) p201-2 article:

Nordisk Skasktidende - Aug-Sept 1879 p201-2 - Tydskland (merged)

Since I don’t speak Danish, I won’t enlarge it, but you can click on the image for a better view of the original if you wish. What follows is the OCR text, and a Google translation of it. Hopefully <Tab> will be able to provide a better translation for <CG> (actually, I’ve included all my working notes):

Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p64

Germany.   By Anderssens-festival  last  year  founded, as  previously
mentioned,  an ordinary  German Chess  Federation.  This  will in  the
summer to  hold the first  German Chess Congress, and  the preliminary
program  of the  same has  now been  published. According  to Deutsche
Schachzeitung  "will  Congress  be  held  in  Leipzig  and  takes  its
beginning  Sunday   13th  July  with   a  festive  reception   of  the
guests. Monday.  July  14th, Kl.  9 start the  several tournaments. In
addition to a  Master Tournament and a Main Event  should be held more
Bi-tournament  and  perhaps one  Problem  Tournament.   In the  Master
Tournament, each  Participant play a lot  with each of the  other four
Prizes,  whose size  will abide  by the  deposits size,  outcome of  a
subscription, etc. At  the main event will be 4-5  Prizes, and will be
played  in  groups.  Man  waiting  secure  the two  brothers  Paulsen,
Schwartz and  Englisch from Vienna,  Schallop and Knorre  from Berlin,
Metger,  Fritz  and  Flechsig,  Dr.   Schmid  from  Dresden,  Goering,
Minckwitz and  Riemann from Leipzig  and several others.   

Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p139

Germany. Deutsche Schachzeitung announces  its May Staple the complete
program for  the general German  Chess Federation's first  Congress in
Leipzig. Congress  began d. July  13 and  is expected to  be completed
d. July  19; however might tournaments  persist for some days  even if
many participants sign up. The following Tournaments would take place:
I. Master Tournament, in which each  participant plays a lot with each
other; there will be 4 prizes, first  prizes of 600 Mark. II. The main
tournament; In this  become Participants by lot divided  in groups, in
which each  player a lot  with each  other; Victors in  groups contend
since the prizes. After participants Number  will be 4 or 5 groups and
as  many prizes;  first  prize  is valued  at  200  Mark.  III.   Side
tournaments;  these played  in  "Laps"; prizes  (Præmiernes) and  Size
abide  by  participants Number.   IV.   Problem  Tournament.  To  this
required 3 Tasks 3, 4 and 5 Pull, which provided with Motto, Name List
and complete solutions and written in two copies before July 12 should
be dispatched to  Zwansig in Leipzig.  This is probably  for the first
time  in a  Problem Tournament  made  the lucky  Determination that  a
single incorrect assignment does  not cause consignment Rejection. The
judges  are: J.  Minckwitz in  Leipzig and  C. Schwede  in Dresden.  3
prizes of 120, 60 and 40  Mark. V.  Solution sturnering takes place on
July 17, has postponed a premium of 20 Mark for the first one within 3
hours  submitting  a  written  correctly  Solution  of  the  submitted
Assignment. - before the tournaments will be at the Congress also find
Consultation Lots  Place, as well as  parties blindly and so  on.  the
laws and rules  of the game for tournaments did  not differ from those
of  previous tournaments  confessed. -

same issue of  D.  Sz.  brings intelligence that Dr.   Goering d.  3rd
April is  passed away in Eisenach.  He was professor of  philosophy in
Leipzig and had,  despite his young age already  made themselves known
by several philosophical writings.  As Chess Player, he was known even
outside Tydsklands boundaries, and there will exist endless batches of
him including the Bulletin, particularly from the tournaments in which
he participated.

Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p201-2

The German Chess Federation Congress in  Leipzig took place d. July 13
to 20. In  the Master Tournament took part:  Bier, Englisch, Flechsig,
Minckwitz,  L.  Paulsen,  W.   Paulsen,  Pitschel, Riemann,  Schallop,
Schottländer, Schwarz and  Wemmers of which and  Wemmers and Minckwitz
saw themselves compelled to withdraw from the tournament before it was
completed; they  did not play Batches  were then counted as  lost. The
result was  that the first prize,  600 Mark, won by  Berthold Englisch
from Vienna with 9 1/2 honored  Parties, second prize, 300 Mark, Louis
Paulsen from Blomberg  with 9 wins Parties, third, 150  Mark, of Adolf
Schwarz from Vienna  7 wins parties, and fourth, 100  Mark, by M. Bier
from Hamburg with 6 1/2 wins Parties; then had Riemann 6 wins parties,
Pitschel  and Schallopp  up  every 5  Flechsig  and Schottländer  each
4_1/2, W.  Paulsen  3 1/2 and Minckwitz and Wemmers,  as explained not
played all  Parties, respectively 2 1/2  and 2. In the  main event was
Lehmann from Bromberg first prize, Boehlke from Leipzig second, Möbius
from Leipzig third and Re if  from Goettingen fourth. In the first and
second Side  Tournament prevailed  respectively Schwabe and  Vos late,
and the  Solution tournament  Here you v.   Gottschall.  In  a General
Assembly, which  was held  on July 15,  was Hermann  Zwanzig appointed
Secretary-General of the League, and Berlin was unanimously elected to
the rendezvous for the next Congress. Louis Paulsen, after Anderssen's
death is  considered Germany's best chess-player,  have therefore here
only won second prize, while he  was in 1877 by Anderssen-Congress and
in 1878 in Frankfurt a. M.   won first prize.  He challenged therefore
victor in the Master Tournament, Englisch,  a Match of 5 wins parties,
but Englisch looked  not able to stay so long  in Leipzig and traveled
to Vienna immediately after  the tournament's completion. By contrast,
arranged a  Match on the  same terms  between L. Paulsen  and Schwarz,
which was won  by the former with 5 Parties  against second victor was
100 Mrk. Of the League locker, the vanquished 50 Mrk. -

Danish follows....
Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p64

Tyskland. Ved Anderssens-Festen ifjor stiftedes, som tidligere omtalt,
et almindeligt tysk  Skakforbund. Dette agter i Sommer  at afholde den
første tyske  Skakkongres, og det  foreløbige Program for samme  er nu
bleven offentliggjort. Ifølge , Deutsche Schachzeitung“ vil Kongressen
blive afholdt i  Leipzig og tager sin Begyndelse Søndag  den 13de Juli
med en  festlig Modtagelse  af Gjæsterne.  Mandag d.  14de Juli  Kl. 9
begynde de forskjellige Turneringer.  Foruden en Mesterturnering og en
Hovedturnering skal  der afholdes  flere Biturneringer samt  maaske en
Problemturnering.  I Mesterturneringen  skal hver  Deltager spille  et
Parti med hver af de øvrige  om fire Præmier, hvis Størrelse vil rette
sig  efter  Indskuddenes  Størrelse,   Udfaldet  af  en  Subskription,
osv. Ved Hovedturneringen  vil der blive 4–5 Præmier, og  der skal der
spilles gruppevis. Man  venter sikkert de to  Brødre Paulsen, Schwartz
og Englisch fra Wien, Schallop og  Knorre fra Berlin, Metger, Fritz og
Flechsig,   Dr. Schmid fra  Dresden, Gøring, Minckwitz og  Riemann fra
Leipzig og  flere andre.

Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p139

Tydsland.  Deutsche   Schachzeitung  meddeler   i  sit   Majhefte  det
fuldstændige Program  for det  almindelige tydske  Skakforbunds første
Kongres i Leipzig.  Kongressen begyndte d. 13. Juli og  ventes at være
tilendebragt d. 19. Juli; dog vil muligvis Turneringerne vedvare nogle
Dage endnu, hvis mange Deltagere melde sig. Følgende Turneringer ville
finde Sted:  I. Mesterturnering,  i hvilken  hver Deltager  spiller et
Parti med hver  af de øvrige; der vil blive  4 Præmier, første Præmier
paa  600  Mark. II.  Hoved  turnering;  i  denne blive  Deltagere  ved
Lodtrækning delte i Grupper, indenfor hvilke hver spiller et Parti med
hver  af   de  øvrige;   Sejerherrerne  i   Grupperne  kjæmpe   da  om
Præmierne. Efter Deltagernes Antal vil der  blive 4 eller 5 Grupper og
ligesaa  mange  Præmier;  første  Præmie   er  til  en  Værdi  af  200
Mark.  III.  Side  turneringer;  i  disse  spilles  der  i,  Omgange";
Præmiernes   Antal  og   Størrelse   retter   sig  efter   Deltagernes
Antal. IV. Problemturnering.  Til denne fordres 3 Opgaver i  3, 4 og 5
Træk, som  forsynede med Motto, Navneseddel  og fuldstændige Løsninger
og skrevne  i to Exemplarer  inden 12. Juli  maa sendes til  Zwansig i
Leipzig.  Der er  her vistnok  for første  Gang i  en Problemturnering
truffet den  heldige Bestemmelse,  at en  enkelt ukorrekt  Opgave ikke
bevirker Sendingens Forkastelse. Dommerne  ere: J. Minckwitz i Leipzig
og C. Schwede i Dresden. 3 Præmier  paa 120, 60 og 40 Mark. V. Løsning
sturnering finder  Sted 17. Juli; der  er udsat en Præmie  paa 20 Mark
for  den, der  først inden  3 Timer  indleverer en  skriftlig, korrekt
Løsning af den forelagte Opgave.  – Forinden Turneringerne vil der ved
Kongressen ogsaa  finde Konsultationspartier Sted, saavel  som Partier
iblinde osv.  Lovene og Spillereglerne for  Turneringerne adskilte sig
ikke  fra de  fra tidligere  Turneringer bekjendte.  – Samme  Hefte af
D. Sz. bringer Efterretning om, at Dr. Gøring d. 3die April er afgaaet
ved Døden i Eisenach. Han var  Professor i Filosofi i Leipzig og havde
trods sin unge Alder allerede gjort sig bekjendt ved flere filosofiske
Skrifter.  Som Skakspiller  var  han kjendt  ogsaa udenfor  Tydsklands
Grændser, og der vil findes endel Partier af ham heri Tidenden navnlig
fra de Turneringer, hvori han har deltaget.

Nordisk skaktidende, Volume 7  (1879) p201-2

Det tydske Skakforbunds Kongres i Leipzig  fandt Sted d. 13—20 Juli. I
Mesterturneringen  deltoge:   Bier,  Englisch,   Flechsig,  Minckwitz,
L.  Paulsen, W.  Paulsen, Pitschel,  Riemann, Schallop,  Schottländer,
Schwarz  og  Wemmers,  af  hvilke  og Wemmers  og  Minckwitz  saa  sig
nødsagede  til  at   træde  tilbage  fra  Turneringen,   før  den  var
tilendebragt;  de   ikke  spillede   Partier  bleve  da   regnede  som
tabte.  Resultatet  blev,  at  første Præmie,  600  Mark,  vandtes  af
Berthold Englisch fra Wien med  91/2 vundne Partier, anden Præmie, 300
Mark, af Louis Paulsen fra Blomberg  med 9 vundne Partier, tredie, 150
Mark, af Adolf  Schwarz fra Wien med 7 vundne  Partier, og fjerde, 100
Mark, af  M. Bier fra  Hamburg med  62 vundne Partier;  derefter havde
Riemann 6 vundne  Partier, Pitsche l og Schall op  hver 5, Flechzig og
Schott län  der hver 4/2, W.  Paulsen 32 og Minckwitz  og Wemmers, der
som  omtalt  ikke spillede  alle  Partier,  henholdsvis  2/9 og  2.  I
Hovedturneringen fik  Lehmann fra Bromberg første  Præmie, Boehlke fra
Leipzig  anden, Möbius  fra Leipzig  tredie og  Re i  f fra  Gøttingen
fjerde. I første og anden Sideturnering sejrede henholdsvis Schwabe og
Vös  sen,  og  i  Løsningsturneringen  Her man  v.  Gottschall.  I  en
Generalforsamling,  der  blev  afholdt  den 15de  Juli,  blev  Hermann
Zwanzig  udnævnt til  Generalsekretær  for Forbundet,  og Berlin  blev
enstemmig valgt til Samlingssted for næste Kongres. Louis Paulsen, der
efter  Anderssens  Død anses  for  Tysklands  bedste Skakspiller,  har
altsaa   her  kun   vundet   anden  Præmie,   medens   han  1877   ved
Anderssen-Kongressen  og   1878  i   Frankfurt  a.  M.   vandt  første
Præmie.  Han   udfordrede  derfor  Sejerherren   i  Mesterturneringen,
Englisch, til en Match paa 5 vundne Partier, men Englisch saa sig ikke
istand til at opholde sig saalænge  i Leipzig og rejste til Wien strax
efter Turneringens  Tilendebringelse. Derimod  blev der  arrangeret en
Match paa  samme Betingelser  mellem L. Paulsen  og Schwarz,  der blev
vundet af førstnævnte med 5 Partier mod 2. Sejerherren fik 100 Mrk. af
Forbundets Kasse, den Overvundne 50 Mrk. –

Here’s a link to the source:

Nordisk Skaktidende

1873 v1 1874 v2 1875 v3 1876 v4 1877 v5 1878 v6 1879 v7 1880 v8 1881 v9
Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard





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