Tales of bibliographical abbreviations:

Let me present Zavaratelli’s bibliography from his Kolisch book  first, since I prefer the abbreviations he’s adopted – almost entirely up and down the line:


64SO: 64 Shakhmatnoe Obodzrenie. Numbered according to single issues.

ACI: The American Chess Journal. (Hallock until April 1877; Mason May 1877-April 1878; Mackenzie afterwards; problems: Loyd) 1876; 1: March 1878-July 1879: II: Oct. 1879– April 1881.

ACM: American Chess Magazine (Devidé) I. June 1897-May 1898; II. June 1898-May 1899; III. July 1899-Dec. 1899.

BCC: Brooklyn Chess Chronicle (J.B. Muñoz & E.M. Muñoz) I. 1 Oct. 1882-15 Sept. 1883; II. 15 Oct. 1883-15 Sept. 1884; III. 15 Oct. 1884-15 Sept. 1885; IV. 15 Oct. 1885-15 Sept. 1886; V.15 Oct. 1886–15 Sept. 1887.

BCM: British Chess Magazine (Watkinson 1881-87: Green 1888-93; MacIntyre Brown 1894–19).

BLL: Bell’s Life in London (Walker). Numbered according to dates.

tBOP: The Boy’s Own Paper (chess columnist Heinrich F.L. Meyer) James Macauley 1879-1897, G.A. Hutchinson 1891, etc…

BR: Brentano’s Chess Monthly (Allen) Ia. May 1881–Oct. 1881; Ib. Nov. 1881-April 1882; II. June 1882-Sept. 1882.

BSB: Baltische Schachblätter (Amelung 1889–1902; Behring & Kerkovius 1902-10) I. 1889-1893; II. 1898-1902; III. 1902, 1905; IV. 1908, 1910.

CKM: Checkmate (Graham) I. Jan. 1901–Dec. 1901; II. Oct. 1902-Sept. 1903; III. Oct. 1903-Sept. 1904.

CLCM: The City of London Chess Magazine (Potter & Steinitz) I. Feb. 1874-Jan. 1875; II. Feb. 1875–Jan. 1876.

C-M: The Chess-Monthly (Zukertort & Hoffer) I. Sept. 1879-Aug. 1880; II. Sept. 1880-Aug. 1881; III. Sept. 1881 Aug. 1882; IV. Sept. 1882-Aug. 1883; V. Sept. 1883-Aug. 1884; VI: Sept. 1884-Aug. 1885; VII. Sept. 1885-Aug. 1886; VIII. Sept. 1886-Aug. 1887; IX. Sept. 1887-Aug. 1888; X. Sept. 1888-Aug. 1889; XI. Sept. 1889-Aug. 1890; XII. sept. 1890-Aug. 1891; XIII. Sept. 1891-Aug. 1892; XIV. Sept. 1892-Aug. 1893; XV. Sept. 1893-Aug. 1894; XVI: Sept. 1894–Aug. 1895; XVII. Sept. 1895-Aug. 1896.

CM: The Chess Monthly (Morphy & Fiske).

CPC: The Chess Player’s Chronicle (Staunton 1841-52; Brien 1853–56; Ranken 1877–80). Numbered by years, except for what follows. 1. 1877; II. 1878; III. 1879; IV. 1880; V. 1881; VI. 1882; VII. 6 June 1883-18 June 1884; VIII. 25 June 1884-3 June 1885; IX. 10 June 1885-30 June 1886; X. 14 July 1886-20 March 1889; XI. 1 May 1889-28 March 1891; XII. 4 April 1891-4 May 1892; XIII. 13 March 1895–20 Nov. 1895.

CPM: The Chess Player’s Magazine (Harrwitz beginning 1863; Falkbeer 1863–64; Löwenthal 1865–67).

CPQC: The Chess Player’s Quarterly Chronicle (Skipworth) 1. Feb. 1868-Dec. 1869. II. Feb. 1870-Dec. 1871; III. Feb. 1872-Dec. 1873; IV. Feb. 1874-Dec. 1875.

CW: The Chess World (Staunton) I: March 1865-Feb. 1866; II. March 1866-Feb. 1867; III. March 1867-Feb. 1868; IV. March 1868-Feb. 1869.

DB: Die Brüderschaft (Heyde 1885-86 Heyde & Schallopp 1887–88).

DCJ: The (Dubuque) Chess Journal (Brownson). Numbered by months.

DSZ: Schachzeitung (until 1871)and Deutsche Schachzeitung (from 1872) (Bledow 7–Aug. 1846; Hanstein & Oppen Sept. 1846-51; Oppen & Nathan 1851–52; Oppen 1852–58; Lange Dec. 1858-64; Schmidt & Minckwitz 1865–66; Minckwitz 1867–71; Minckwitz & Anderssen 1872–76; Schwede & Anderssen Dec. 1876-78; Minckwitz 1879-86; Bardeleben & Gottschall 1887–91; Gottschall 1892–96; Tarrasch 1897; Berger & Lipke 1898; Berger & Schlechter 1899-1916).

DW: Deutsches Wochenschach (Schallopp, Heyde & Hülsen 1889–91).

EA: L’Échiquier d’Aix (Peyras).

EPM: El Pablo Morphy (Vazquez).

ESIC: Eco della scienza, dell’industriae.de/commercio (Usigli).

F: The Field (Williams 1853–54; De Vere 1871?: Boden 1858– Dec.? [Steinitz 2002 pages 63 and 67] 1872; Steinitz Jan. 1873–29 July 1882; Hoffer 5 Aug. 1882-1913). Numbered according to dates.

HCM: The Huddersfield College Chess Magazine (Watkinson). I. Oct. 1872-Sept. 1873; II. Oct. 1873-Sept. 1874; III. Oct. 1874-Sept. 1875; IV. Oct. 1875-Sept. 1876; V. Oct. 1876–Sept. 1877, VI: Oct. 1877–Sept. 1878; VII. Oct. 1878– Sept. 1879 (placed after VIII in the Moravian Chess index): VIII. Oct. 1879-Sept. 1880. [evolved into BCM -ed]

ICM: The International Chess Magazine (Steinitz).

IFJ: Illustrirtes Familien Journal (Pollmächer 1857-Dec. 1861 E. v. Schmidt 25 Dec. 1861–1870). Numbered according to dates.

ILN: Illustrated London News (Staunton). Numbered according to dates.

INW: Illustrated News of the World (Löwenthal). Numbered according to dates.

IZ: Illustrirte Zeitung (Portius 1843–14. April 1862; Lange 14 April 1862-1863; Magelsdorf 1863–1882). Numbered according to dates.

JWD: Jay Whitehead’s database.

LCM: Lasker’s Chess Magazine (Lasker).

MM: Murray MS 61, Bodleian Library, Oxford.

NBS: Neue Berliner Schachzeitung (Anderssen & Neumann 1864–July 1867. Anderssen & Zukertort Aug 1867–1871).

NIZ: Neue Illustrirte Zeitung (Schwarz 1872-5 Oct. 1873 Gebruhs 12 Oct. 1873-15 Oct. 1877; Falkbeer 22 Oct. 18776 Dec. 1885; Lehner 13 Dec. 1885-23 Oct. 1887. Dufresne 30 Oct. 1887-1890). Numbered according to dates.

NN: Norfolk News. (F.G. Rainger). Numbered according to dates.

NR: La Régence. Revue Spéciale des échecs; La Nouvelle Régence (Journoud).

NRS: Nuova rivista degli scacchi (Seghieri, Orsini & Borgi 1875—83; Vansittart 1884; Seghieri, Orsini & Borgi 1885—88; Orsini 1889-92; Salvioli 1893-99; Miliani & Salvioli 1900-1903).

NST: Nordisk Skaktidende (Malmqvist & Sørensen). Numbered according to dates.

OL: 0esterreichische Lesehalle (Lehner).

OS: Oesterreichische Schachzeitung (Lehner).

PF: Le Palamède français (Journoud).

QCH: Quarterly for Chess History (Fiala).

REG: La Régence (Arnous de Rivière 1856–57).

RS: Rivista degli scacchi (Dubois & Ferrante).

S: Sissa (Verbeek 1850–54; Andriessen 1860–72).

SB: The Chess Players Scrap Book (Lasker).

SBSF: Sonntags-Bitter für Schach-Freunde (Lange 1861).

SJB: Schach Jahrbuch (Bachmann 1891; Berger 1892-1900).

SL: Shakhmatny Listok (Mikhailov).

SPH: Le Sphinx (Journoud).

SSZ: Schweizerische Schachzeitung (Capräz).

STR: La Strategie (Preti J. 1867-80; Preti N. 1881-89).

TD: The Dial (Löwenthal). Numbered according to dates.

TE: The Era (Löwenthal 19 Feb. 1854-29 April 1866, Duffy and Löwenthal? later). Numbered according to dates.

TjND: Tijdschrift van de koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond  (v1 (1893) – v14 (1906) – ??) (zan-addition)

WP: The Westminster Papers (working out from WP XI, pages 249-251; Boden I and later occasionally; Duffy II-XI; Wormald II-VIII; Wisker after III-IX, Zukertort IX-XI). 1. 1 May 1868-1 April 1869, II. 1 May 1869-1 April 1870; III. 1 May 1870-1 April 1871; IV. 1 May 1871-1 April 1872; V. 1 May 1872–1 April 1873; VI. 1 May 1873–1 April 1874; VII. 1 May 1874-1 April 1875; VIII. 1 May 1875-1 April 1876; IX. 1 May 1876-1 April 1877; X. 1 May 1878-1 April 187s; XI. 1 May 1878-1 April 1879.

Here then are the abbreviations Harding uses in his Blackburne book (note, I have to use preformatted format to get columns aligned):

B.C.A.            British Chess Association
B.C.F.            British Chess Federation
B.C.M.            British Chess Magazine
B.L.L.            Bell's Life in London
B.N.L.            Belfast News-Letter Chess Club
CC                Chess Club
C.C.A.            Counties Chess Association
corr.             Correspondence game
C.O.L.C.M.        City of London Chess Magazine
C.P.C.            Chess Player's Chronicle (or variant title in the series Chess Player's Magazine)
C.P.M.            Chess Player's Magazine
D.S.B.            Deutscher Schachbund (German Chess Federation)
D.S.Z.            Deutsche Schachzeitung
Graham            Mr. Blackburne's Games at Chess (ed. P. Anderson Graham)
G.W.H.            Glasgow Weekly Herald
H.S.L.O.          Hastings and St. Leonards Observer
I.C.M.            International Chess Magazine
I.L.N.            Illustrated London News
I.S.D.N.          Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
L&W               Land and Water
MP                Member of Parliament
M.W.E.A.G.        Manchester Weekly Express and Guardian
M.W.E.A.R.        Manchester Weekly Express and Review
N.B.S.Z.          Neue Berliner Schachzeitung
Rev.              Reverend (ordained clergyman)
simul             Simultaneous exhibition
T.C.M.            The Chess-Monthly (ed. Hoffer and Zukertort)
T.C.W.            The Chess World (ed. Staunton)
T.L.S.            The Times Literary Supplement
W.P.              Westminster Papers (chess magazine)
£                 Pound (British currency)
s.                Shillings (unit of old British currency)
d.                Pence (unit of old British currency)
+                 Won game (in lists of exhibition results)
-                 Lost game (in lists of exhibition results)
=                 Drawn game (in lists of exhibition results)

I have to comment that I find the periods somewhat distracting and unnecessary. Also, if conjunctions are felt necessary to go into the acronym, then a lowercase letter would be my preference. Like any good system, Harding’s abbrevs are fine and very workable, but my preference is for Zavaratelli’s conciseness.


[2018-05-30] Let’s add a new Miscellany section – adding things like pseudonyms and links to the literature cataloging the literature:



DSZ v17 (Jul-Aug 1862) p203-205  — Periodische Schachliteratur (v.d. Lasa)

Kings and Queens at Home: A Short History of the Chess Column in Nineteenth-Century English Periodicals – Timothy Harding, Victorian Periodicals Review (2009)  (see also Harding’s “Battle at Long Range” – his PhD thesis)

Pseudonyms, etc.

Thulin (2011) – Chess Pseudonyms and Signatures (pdf)



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