Visual Puzzle – Logan’s (CG icon) Run – 2016.05.02

At the end of my previous cycle’s premium membership on <CG> I tried on a few different icons just for fun. At the end of this last premium membership I cycled through many avatars as a tribute to the many, er, characters I’ve encountered one way or another on <CG>.

So, since I’m a bit behind in the Visual Puzzle department, let’s turn this quirky behavior into a puzzle. Here are 18 different icons I’ve used on <CG>, see it you can match the icon to a name (not all icons exactly match their previous owner – but it should be close enough to get the association).

The icons:

CG icon run

And the names (alphabetical order):

a. Caissanist   –
b. Colonel Mortimer   –
c. crawfb5   –
d. devere   –
e. HeMateMe   –
f. Karpova   –
g. ketchuplover   –
h. MissScarlett   –
i. Paint My Dragon   –
j. Stonehenge   –
k. SwitchingQuylthulg   –
l. Tabanus   –
m. TheFocus   –
n. thomastonk   –
o. Travis Bickle   –
p. twinlark   –
q. User not found   –
r. zanzibar   –

OK, match the icon to the name, i.e. the number to the letter. Good luck.

(Standard disclaimers apply. Apologies for omissions and errors. Not all icons are a good fit to everybody, your mileage may vary.)


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