Solution to Visual Puzzle – 2016-05-02

A visual solution, well kinda, to a visual puzzle. Here’s the avatars matched up with the CG user names:

CG icon run solve

And the names (alphabetical order):

01-a. Caissanist   –
09-b. Colonel Mortimer   –
16-c. crawfb5   –
08d. devere   –
07-e. HeMateMe   –
15-f. Karpova   –
14-g. ketchuplover   –
10-h. MissScarlett   –
06-i. Paint My Dragon   –
04-j. Stonehenge   –
11-k. SwitchingQuylthulg   –
12-l. Tabanus   –
01-m. TheFocus   –
03-n. thomastonk   –
13-o. Travis Bickle   –
18-p. twinlark   –
05-q. User not found   –
02-r. zanzibar   –


Both <twinlark> and <SwitchQuylthulg> never relinquished their avatars, but I ones I used above are immediately recognized as close analogs.

One user, <Travis Bickle> is no longer with us, in name only. Another, <User not found>, is actually not not found, but is yet another member of the “he who must not be named” club.

I put in <Caissanist>’s icon because that was my original icon when I first joined the Bistro. I think it’s in good hands now. I also recommend a visit to the Jet d’Eau, if anyone is ever in Geneva.

I regret not giving <Alien Math> a tip of the hat, as I used here icon for a bit during the tribute. It’s here:


I missed her because this icon was added after the list of icons I made sometime back.

I’ll use another icon I identify with to sign off, although I found many suited me during this past cycle (be they frogs or dinosaurs, spaceships or spacesuits, smiling or dancing or even confusing coordinate systems)…



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