London (1892) – Quintangular – a first look

London (1892) –  BCC Quintangular Tournament

5-player RR2⁽¹⁾     March 28th – April 8th, 1892     at the rooms of the British Chess Club,
                                                                                          King Street, Covent Garden, London ENG.

Time Control⁽²⁾:    20 moves/hour.  

Playing sessions:   1 game/day,   ?? pm and ?? pm sessions.                                                          

Entrance Fee:   None  (invitational only).    

Prizes⁽³⁾:   £50  (divided via S-B score).

Prize Winners:    Lasker,  Blackburne,  Mason,  Gunsberg,  Bird. 

Links:   PGN,  EDO chess,  BCM coverage,  O’Keefe,

   (1)  There is no “official” tournament book for London – Quintangular (1892). Various contemporaneous sources (BCM, CPC, DSZ)    
         and O’Keefe sources were used.  Note that Harding et. al. use a differernt tournament name, we follow contemporaneous usage.
   (2)  Please see BCM coverage. We are assuming sealed envelope adjournments are now standard.
   (3)  No mention of an entrance fee is mentioned in the literature. The match was generously sponsored by George Newnes.

From BCM v12 (May 1892) p208/239 comes this RR2 xtab, sorted by standing, and prize awards:

BCM v12 (May 1892) p208.239 - RR2 xtab

In a later article, Sonneborn himself noted the distribution of prize money was incorrect, according to the above table. Please see BCM v12 (July 1892) p289/326:

BCM v12 (July 1892) p289.326 - Corrected Prizes


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