JFQ’s Smyslov Tournament Record (1935-1979)

First – expect this page to be revised several times in the next few days. Here’s the take home lesson for those in a hurry:


Smyslov’s Tournament Record (1935-1979) as chronicled by JessicaFischerQueen, and reformatted by yours truly. The original <CG> link is here: http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chesscollection?cid=1028061 

If you download and unzip the HTML file from Google drive, you can install it anywhere on your local machine. You must use the file:///…    style url to point your browser at the file to use it. Hopefully that’s familiar enough to everybody.

I’d like to say just what a colossal and significant piece of work Jessica has done here. Despite the focus of the rest of this blog post being more technical – JFQ’s work is very well researched and represents the best chronology of Smyslov that I know of. It serves as a template and mark of excellence. Kudos.

A long time ago I promised to show Jessica how useful backlinks are. I hope this first pass effort fulfills that promise.

A little backstory on the backlinks…

I’m very fond of backlinks, as a very handy navigational aid in webpages with long lists of structured data. The idea is to be able to quickly navigate anywhere on the page with just a few clicks of the mouse, and with minimal scrolling.

Some examples of this might include pages such as these:

<CT> page on tactical motifs: http://chesstempo.com/tactical-motifs.html
<Wiki> page on checkmates:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkmate_pattern

Quite often the reader will want to examine not just one piece of information, but several, and thus need to frequently consult the TOC’s at the top of each of these pages. Other times the reader might like to jump to a given section, and then quickly move sequentially from one item to the next, often just stopping to skimming an item before moving to the next.

The items can often involve a longish section with details and/or graphics after the heading info – which can mean a lot of scrolling if one wants to quickly jump to the next item.

Additionally, one might like to jump from main section to main section, and then item to item within a particular section.

Etc., etc. as we’re all familiar with this.

My solution, is to use backlinks, and is akin to navigating through a GNU info document – though I hope a little more intuitive. It is just a simple organization graph upon an existing HTML page, and hopefully offers additional functionality with minimal intrusiveness, in an intuitive fashion.

Redoing JFQ’s chronology of Smyslov offers a nice demonstration. Let’s call the navigational aids ztabs. They look as follows:

« ο »

E.g. the Smyslov document looks like this:

« ο »   Contents

1. Introduction
2. Tournaments
3. 1930’s
4. 1940’s
5. 1950’s
6. 1960’s
7. 1970’s
8. 1980’s
9. 1990’s
10. Sources
11. Books
12. Journals and Newspapers
13. Databases and Websites

« ο »   Introduction

This collection lists in chronological order all known tournaments and matches played by Smyslov (CG) between 1935-1979…


« ο »   1930’s


« ο »   1940’s


« ο »   1950’s

etc. etc.

So, the idea is simple – from the TOC one can jump to any given decade of play.  Using the « link takes you to the previous section, e.g. the previous decade, whereas as the » link takes you to the next section, e.g. the next decade.

The middle button in the ztab, i.e. the ο link, jumps to either the main TOC, or a sectional TOC or heading.

Go ahead and use the ztab buttons in the above – they actually work (at least, in a limited sense).

At the moment, this version of the chronology has uninstrumented tournament items, so the o-link always jumps to the top of the page, and the « »-links jump from decade to decade. However, one could imagine adding ztabs to each tournament – in order to allow hopping from year to year, or up to the decade heading to go from decade to decade.

I hope this clarifies the idea. If not, download the file, and try it out – the utility should become apparent with just a little bit of practice. You’ll be able to quickly run through the entire document with just a few clicks of the mouse – well, you will, when I add the links to all those tournaments.



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