Back Links Pak – v1

Here is a link to the Zip file which contains three examples of link-dense HTML pages which have been reworked with ztabs (i.e. convenient navigational buttons allowing quick maneuvering to any given topic within the page)…

(Use the download button in the upper right hand corner of the page to download the Zip file. Then extract all to a local directory – follow the directories down to find the three, each of which contains a HTML file which can be displayed locally. For example, on Windows, use Explorer to navigate to the directory and double-click on the HTML file to use your default browser to display it.)

I’ve discussed downloading and using such files in a previous post:

JFQ’s Smyslov Tournament Record (1935-1979)

This new pak contains another version of Smyslov’s tournament record – this time fully instrumented with backlinks for each and every tournament entry.

Additionally, I’ve also included a reworked version of the Wikipedia Checkmate Patterns page, as well as ChessTempo’s Tactical Motifs (and Mates). Here are links to the original sources:

ChessTempo Tactical Motifs (and Mates)

Smyslov’s Tournaments and Matches 1935-1979 (JFQ)

Wiki – Checkmate Pattern

(Note – I used an older version of Wiki’s page, so some newer additions are missing.)

The main idea is to compare the versions, both for the rearrangements of the Table of Contents for easier scanning, for the use of ztabs and back-links to conveniently maneuver from topic to topic.

The entirety of all information on the page should be reachable with just a few clicks of the mouse, with the mouse barely having to move from the same spot in the upper left-hand corner of any given page.

Try it out, please, and leave a comment. I think it’s a convention which should be much more widely used.


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