Lipschutz–Richardson MCC match (1900)

Lipschutz–Richarson  Manhattan CC match (1900)        1-1-4  draw         Feb. 18, 1900 – Mar. 7, 1900

Match PGN:

The Manhattan Chess Club sponsored a six-game match in early part of 1900 between these two top veteran players, Samuel Lipschutz (1863-1905) (aka Lipschütz or Lipschuetz) and Philip Richardson (1841-1920).

Due to the success of this match the club added two more similarly managed matches, Delmar–Marshall and Halpern–Roething (see, e.g., M&FJ 1900.03.22). This in turn led to a Marshall–Roething match, which was actually by the Cosmopolitan Chess Club, which is how I came to be interested in this original match.

The conditions of the match was as follow:

  1. Six games to be played, at the rate of two/week, on Sunday and Wednesday.
  2. Play on Sunday from 3:00pm to 12:00pm with an hour dinner break at 7:00pm.
    Play on Wednesday from 8:00pm to 12:00pm
  3. Adjourned games to be finished at the end of the series (not followed apparently -ed)
  4. Time control is 40 moves/2 hr with 20 moves/hr thereafter.
  5. The winner of any given game receives $15, the loser $5. In event of a draw, each player receives $5.
  6. Richardson won the toss, and started the series with White.

See BDE 1900.02.15 p15 and NYT 1900.02.11 p10.

Here’s the xtab for the match:

Lipschutz--Richardson match (1900)
Manhattan CC, NYC USA, 1900.02.18 - 1900.03.07
                       Age Nat    Score     123456
 1: Richardson, Philip           3.0 /  6   0==1==  (+1 -1 =4)
 2: Lipschutz, Samuel   36 USA   3.0 /  6   1==0==  (+1 -1 =4)
6 games: +0 =4 -2

(Both decisive games were won by Black)

All the games in the PGN were transcribed from NY Sun coverage from on LOC by the yours truly.



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