Solution – Uncle SCID’s new clothes

Download latest versions (2017-07-11 v0.6) :

Photo supplement  – Z-base-v0.6-.spf
Biographical Info    – Z-base-v0.6-.ssp
Z-Base PGN          – Z-base-v0.6-.pgn
SCID update          – scid.gui  (v4.4)
Resolvers.dat         – resolvers.dat  (put in SCID’s bin/config directory)

Note: I forgot the need for resolvers.dat earlier, and EDO/CG/WIKI links need it.

This is a solution to Uncle SCID’s tailoring post:

Actually, it’s really a beta-version release for those who want to see the direction I’d like SCID to go in the near future. Of course, it’s also a semi-desperate plead for help – as this has been essentially a one-man operation thus far. There’s a fair amount of work involved, but it’s about 1/2 done (well, for the data-entry phase).

Here’s the solution to the visual puzzle, using one player to show the updated behavior:

The section with the green bars shows the updated info added to the player bio – basically the major tournaments (pre-1899) from Reichhelm’s Fifty, with placement if a prize-winner.

The ratings have also been changed to use EDOchess, with the heading rating being the weighed average over the player’s career, and the peak rating also noted – with its year and number of games (and also the total number of games in Z-base).

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, three new buttons have been added, if available – shown with the orange underline. These are links to the player’s EDOchess, ChessGames, and Wikipedia pages – and will come up as a new window in your browser.

The older links have been maintained as well, but I find them much less useful, to tell the truth.

Now, I’ve also done a lot of work to add valid portraits of many of the previously neglected players.

You, dear reader, can immediately avail yourself of all these improvements via the following files – if you know how to properly use them on your local computer. If you don’t, then you’ll have to wait for me to re-edit this post with some additional instructions. Till then, just consider the following for (super very) early adopters:

Photo supplement  – Z-base-v0.5-.spf
Biographical Info    – Z-base-v0.5-.ssp
SCID update          – scid.gui  (v4.4)
Z-Base v0.5           – Z-base-v0.5-.pgn

Put the photo supplement in SCID’s bin folder, along with the the SCID script update file scid.gui (I recommend renaming the original file to scid.gui.0 or something – to make reverting easy, if the need arises). SCID will automatically find and utilize these files.

The PGN file has some updates versus v0.4, due to the detailed work of going through each and every player’s bio again. Everyone should know how to load a PGN file into SCID.

Loading the Biographical Info update into SCID might not be so commonly done, but it’s easy enough to do by hand via SCID’s Options menu, with the Load Spellcheck File command. Use it to load in the new Z-base ssp file.

Eventually, the ssp file will be merged into the ratings.ssp file, and the photo file will go into the historical.spf file. That assumes that the scid.gui changes also get folded into SCID’s code base.

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