ZBoard screenshots

Someone on the Bistro asked about software for making chess diagrams. I hadn’t thought about adding screen captures to the programs I’ve been writing – assuming I could add it in afterwards. An assumption which was fortunately correct, and luckily was easy to implement.

I followed the code suggestion here (I’ll have to research it a little more later)…

Let’s just show various screenshots to demonstrate the wide variety of pieces and boards available (and as always, click on any image to enlarge, i.e. to get a better view of board textures, etc.):

CBurnett on LightWood3

Berlin on Stone

Merida1-KQ on Stipple

Merida1-vs on Slate

Staunton on CT-ish

Thief (eBoard) on EdBlue

USCF on Salmon

Adventurer2 on bWood

Alpha on GreenMarble

Blue-n-Gold on LightWood3

FreePic on Tournament Green

Skull on DarkWood

Eyes on BrownMarble

Spatial on Brown

I’ve omitted some of the more gaudy board colors due to my personal preferences.


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