ZBoard FEN setup options (and screen capture)

ZBoard downloadhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4CTS_ohHuAoUGJpNFQzUFRNRDQ

Tk, and Tkinter, have a little used feature on windows which is actually very useful, i.e. the menu tear-off feature. It’s a carry-over from Unix, but is almost always turned off on Windows (and now often on Unix, looping back). But ZBoard’s offers a wide, wide, array of piece styles, square textures/colors, and sizes. It’s quite a pain to constantly reopen menus. Instead, the option cascade menus can be ripped off and put to the side for easy access. To wit:

(All these menus are “ripped” off the Options Menu drop-down menus by clicking on the line of dashes at the top of the menu)(Click to enlarge)

Notice all the piece styles that are available. It’s perhaps the largest collection available in one place. Most of them are high resolution, as well, using .png format for nice blending with background graphics.

(Follow this link to another blog post with very many screenshots:

The textures preempt the colors. But clicking on any texture, or color, will work as expected. The FEN setup board, being a subclass, has the same configuration as the normal play board. As this is clearly still in the prototype stage – not all the menu features have been implemented. But the screen capture (actually, board capture), has been – however imperfectly. Use the menu command, or the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-P, and a file dialog pops up:

I wish I could pre-load a filename in the dialog, but it’s a standard tk-widget, without this ability. So the user must type in the filename for the board image save. Still – I think this is quite a handy, and fairly easy way, to generate an image for any position. Various formats can be save, gif, png, jpg, etc.

One sidenote – I said the system was imperfect. At the moment one should be careful that the dialog box doesn’t obscure any part of the board image when the Save button is hit. I’ll try to find a better way to do the capture eventually, but this was first technique I found searching the internet.


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