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« ο »   Contents

Also, copies of the original Calli matches and tournaments are included at the end.


« ο »   Introduction

This work is largely derivative of Calli’s work, originally on Normally, I’d provide links to the originals, but is currently on probation.

I have a strong preference for sources available through Google books, over HathiTrust, as the latter are often unavailable for download. The Google search functions are generally more versatile and easier to use as well.

A couple of quick notes for the construction version. First – the coverage has now been bought to be Z-base complete, i.e. through 1898 (inclusive) for tournaments. I’ve included the bulk of calli’s tournament and match coverage below. For both calli and Z-base coverage the html source material was just cut and pasted in place – which accounts for the somewhat rough look. Still, it contains the information and the back-linking mostly works. Eventually, I’ll make a download of the HTML source available – which will allow the best-looking and quickest-searching versions to be put on your local machine. A word or two on the back-linking – which shows up as

« ο »

The « link takes you to the previous section, the » takes you to the next section, and the ο link finds the nearest previous table of contents (TOC). In this case the sections are the organized by decades, and there is no nested subsections, so the nearest TOC is the only TOC, at the top of the page.

When using the previous/next section navigation – the navigation links should show up at the top of the page, allowing quick paging through the document with the minimum effort (e.g. in terms of mouse movement, or clicks).

And finally, it’s easy to notice many of the z-links below have a (?) notation. The z-links are intended to jump to the so-call “First Look” blog pages for the various Z-base tournaments. The “First Look” page evolved as Z-base evolved, ultimately adopting a fairly standard template with contained all the most essential facts about the tournament in an easy-to-read condensed form. The crosstables and prize awards clipping from the original contemporaneous literature is included, if possible, as well as the various SCID xtabs.

Unfortunately, preparing even these condensed reports is fairly laborious and time consuming. So, many Z-base tournaments are still missing their “First Look” pages. I must apologize for these omissions, even if reality, and practical considerations, dictates the facts (or lack thereof).

« ο »   Tournaments

1. 1850
2. 1860
3. 1870
4. 1880
5. 1890
6. 1900
7. 1910
8. 1920
9. 1930




« ο »   1850-1859 – The Beginnings of Tournament Play

1850 London (1851) London ENG Howard Staunton 377pp Henry G Bohn (London 1852) z-link
1857 1e American Chess Congress (1857) NYC USA D. W. Fiske 563pp Rudd & Carleton (NY 1859) z-link (?)



« ο »   1860-1869 – Experimentation

1861/2 Westdeutschen Schachbundes Dusseldorf GER Max Lange 148pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1862) (de) (Coverage of first two WDSB)
1862 London Chess Congress London ENG J.J. Lowenthal 536pp Henry G Bohn (London 1864) z-link (?)
London Chess Congress Berthold Suhle 41pp W. Weber (Berlin 1864) z-link (?) (de)
1866 Dundee (1867) Dundee SCO
J.J. Lowenthal &
G. W. Medley
164pp Longmans, Green, Reader
& Dyer (London 1868)
z-link (?) (Transactions of BCA 1866-1867)
1867 Paris (1867) Paris FRA
J.A.C. Féry d’Esclands,
G.R. Neumann,
J.A. de Rivière
480pp Ch Lahure (Paris 1868) z-link (?) (fr)



« ο »   1870-1879 – Towards Stabilization

1871 9e Rhine DSB (Crefeld 1871) Crefeld GER (DSB editors) 50pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1874) (de) (from 1929 aka Krefeld)
1871 2e American Chess Congress (1871) Cleveland USA
O.A. Brownson
Frederic Elder
112pp Brownson (Dubuque IA 1872) z-link (?) (Uses descriptive w S for knight)
1873 Vienna (1873) Vienna AUT
Hermann Lehner
Constantin Schwede
256pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1874) z-link
1876 4e American Chess Congress Philadelphia USA W. Henry Sayen 199pp Claxton, Remsen, and
Haffelfinger (Philadelphia 1876)
z-link (?) (Hathitrust version: link)
1877 Leipzig (1877) Leipzig GER Emil Schallopp 218pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1878) z-link (?) (de) (The Anderssen Jubilee)
1878 Paris (1878) Paris FRA Emil Schallopp 175pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1879) z-link (?) (de)


« ο »   1880-1889 – Maturity

1880 5e American Chess Congress NYC USA Charles A. Gilbert 539pp Bretano’s Literary Emporium
(NY 1881)
z-link (?)
1882 Vienna (1882) Vienna AUT Alexander G. Sellman 60pp Torsch Bros. (Baltimore 1882) z-link (?)
1883 London (1883) London ENG J.I. Minchin 371pp Jas. Wade (London 1883) z-link
1883 Nuremberg (1883) Nuremberg GER Emil Schallopp 302pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1884) z-link (de) (Hathitrust version: link)
1885 Hamburg (1885) Hamburg GER
C. v. Bardeleben
M. Kurschner
J. Minckwitz
256pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1886) z-link (?) (de) (Beware – two tournaments
bound together)
1886 Rome (1886) Rome ITA C. Salvioli 110pp Ferrari, Kirchmayr & Scozzi
(Venice 1887)
1887 Ohio State Championship Cincinnati USA Charles F. Nordhoff (?) 22pp Ohio Chess Association (?)
(Cincinnati 1887 (?))
1887 Frankfort (1887) Frankfort GER
C. v. Bardeleben
H.V. Gottschall
J. Mieses
288pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1889) z-link (?) (de) (Beware – two tournaments
bound together)
1888 Bradford (1888) Bradford ENG BCA 80pp BCM (Leeds 1888) z-link (4e BCA)
1889 6e American Chess Congress (1889) NYC USA William Steinitz 490pp (Steinitz & Congress NY 1891) z-link
1889 Breslau (1889) Breslau GER
H. V. Gottschall
J. Metger
H. Seger
287pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1890) z-link (de) (Beware, first of three
tournaments in one volume)
1889 Amsterdam (1889) Amsterdam NED
D. van Foreest
I.D. Tresling
101pp J.L. Beijers (Utrecht 1891) z-link (nl)


« ο »   1890-1899 – The Emergence of Modern Mastery

1892 Dresden (1892) Dresden GER
P. Schellenberg
J. Metger
P. Lipke
J. Mieses
272pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1894) z-link (de) (Beware – second of three
tournaments in one volume)
1893 Kiel (1893) Kiel GER J. Metger 60pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1894) z-link (?) (de) (Beware – third of three
tournaments in one volume)
1895 Hastings (1895) Hastings ENG Horace F. Cheshire 370pp Chatto & Windus (London 1896) z-link (?)
Hastings (1895) Emil Schallopp 339pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1896) z-link (?) (de)
1895/6 St. Petersburg (1895) St. Petersburg RUS
J. Mason
W. H. K. Pollock
63pp Whitehead and Miller (Leeds 1896) z-link (?) (printers given as publisher)
St. Petersburg (1895) M. Chigorin (?) 60pp Nevskaya Typografiya,
(Shlisselburgsky Prospect 1896)
z-link (?) (ru) (Skakhmatnyi zhurnal)
1896 Nuremberg (1896) Nuremberg GER
S. Tarrasch
Chr. Schröder
294pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1897) z-link (?) (de)
1897 Stockholm (1897) Stockholm SWE
H. Krause
A. C. Rosendahl
F. Englund
88pp Gustav Lindstoms (Stockholm 1902) (se) (Beware – first of three
tournaments in one volume)
1898 Vienna (1898) Vienna AUT
A. Halprin
H. Fähndrich
Georg Marco
351pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1899) z-link (?) (de)
(end of current Z-base coverage)
1899 London (1899) London ENG
Junius L. Cope
J. Walter Russell
232pp Longmans, Green & Co. (London 1900) wiki (Joint Hon. Committee Secretaries
listed as authors)
1899 Amsterdam (1899) Amsterdam NED H.D.B. Meijer 106pp Stoom-Selpersdruk
Koch & Knuttel (Gouda 1899(?))
1899 Copenhagen (1899) Copenhagen DEN
H. Krause
A. C. Rosendahl
F. Englund
80pp Gustav Lindstoms (Stockholm 1902) (se) (Beware – second of three
tournaments in one volume)


« ο »   1900-1910 – The Age of Giants Before the Giants

1900 Paris (1900) Paris FRA Sam Rosenthal 460pp Societe Anonyme de Publications
Periodiques (Paris 1901)
wiki (fr)
1900 Munich (1900) Munich GER
Prof. Dr. Gebhardt
Carl Schlechter
Georg Marco
180pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1901) wiki (de)
1901 Goteborg (1901) Goteborg SWE
H. Krause
A. C. Rosendahl
F. Englund
104pp Gustav Lindstoms
(Stockholm 1902)
(se) (Beware – third of three
tournaments in one volume)
1902 Hanover (1902) Hanover GER
Prof. Dr. Gebhardt
J. Metger
Dir. J. Berger
C. Schultz
204pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1902) wiki (de)
1903 Monte Carlo (1903) Monte Carlo MCO Emil Kemeny 112pp American Chess Weekly (1903) wiki
1903 Vienna (1903) Vienna AUT Georg Marco 115pp Verlag der WSZ (Vienna 1911) (de) (KGA tournament)
1904 Cambridge Springs Cambridge Springs, PA USA
(Hartwig Cassell
Hermann Helms)
147pp American Chess Bulletin wiki
1904 Coburg (1904) Coburg GER
Paul Schellenberg
Carl Schlechter
Georg Marco
144pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1905) wiki (de)
1906 Stockholm (1906) Stockholm SWE Gustaf Och Ludvig Collijn 150pp Tidskrift for Schack
(Stockholm 1906)
1907 Ostend (1907) Ostend BEL Dr. Tarrasch 130pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1907) wiki (de)
1907 Karlsbad (1907) Karlsbad CZE
G. Marco
C. Schlechter
426pp Verlag der WSZ – Alfred N. Pray wiki (de) (Calli’s org link: non-free)
1908 Dusseldorf (1908) Dusseldorf GER H. Ranneforth 177pp A. Stein’s Verlagbuchhandlung
(Potsdam 1908)
wiki (de)
1908 Vienna (1908) Vienna AUT Georg Marco 171pp Verlag der WSZ (Vienna 1908) wiki (de)
1909 St. Petersburg (1909) St. Petersburg RUS
Dr. Emanuel Lasker
(R. Teichmann)
192pp Press of Dr. Emanuel Lasker
(NY 1910)


« ο »   1910-1919 – When Giants Walked the Earth

1911 San Sebastian (1911) San Sebastian ESP
J. Mieses
Dr. M. Lewitt
170pp Librairie de “La Strategie”
(Paris 1911)
wiki (fr)
1911 Karlsbad (1911) Karlsbad CZE Dr. M. Vidmar 192pp A. Stein’s Verlagbuchhandlung
(Potsdam 1911 (?))
wiki (de)
1912 San Sebastian (1912) San Sebastian ESP
J. Mieses
Dr. M. Lewitt
147pp Verlag Hans Hedewig’s Nachfolger.
Curt Ronniger.
(Leipzig 2e 1920)
wiki (de)
1913 Havana (1913) Havana CUB J.R. Capablanca 118pp Avisador Comercial (Havana 1913) (es)
1914 St. Petersburg (1914) St. Petersburg RUS David McKay (?) 86pp David McKay (Philadelphia 1914) wiki
1916 Rice Memorial (1916) NYC USA Philip W. Sergeant 106pp BCM (Leeds)
ACB (NY 1916)
1918 New York (1918) NYC USA H. Helms 45pp ACB (New York 1919 (?))
1918 Berlin I (1918) Berlin GER
Bernhard Kagan (ed)
Dr. Emanuel Lasker (annot)
16pp Verlag Bernhard Kagan
(Berlin 1921 (?))
(de) (Beware – volume also contains
another tourney + two matches)
1918 Berlin II (1918) Berlin GER
Bernhard Kagan (ed)
Dr. Emanuel Lasker (annot)
24pp Verlag Bernhard Kagan
(Berlin 1921 (?))
(de) (Beware – volume also contains
another tourney + two matches)
1919-20 Goteborg (1919) Goteborg SWE Martin Anderson (?) 390pp Goteborgs Schacksallskaps Forlag
(Goteborg 1921)


« ο »   1920-1929 – The Birth of the Hypermodern

1921 Hague (1921) The Hague NED Bernhard Kagan 100pp Verlag Bernhard Kagan
(Berlin 1921 (?))
1921 Brno (1921) Brno CZE UJCS Sjezdovy Vybor 80pp UJCS Polygrafie (Brno 1921 (?)) (cz)
1923 Karlsbad (1923) Karlsbad CZE Bernhard Kagan 198pp Schachverlag Bernhard Kagan
(Berlin 1923 (?))
wiki (de)
(Copyright restrictions currently
precludes additional coverage.)


« ο »   1930-1939 – Alekhine and the Age of Classical Hypermodernism

1930 (Copyright restrictions currently
precludes additional coverage.)


« ο »   Matches

1. pre-1850
2. 1850-1899
3. 1900-


« ο »   pre-1850

1824 Edinburgh–London Match (1824-9) corr W. Lewis 11pp + 8pp I.F. Setchel (London 1829) (includes handwritten appendum)
1834 La Bourdonnais–McDonnell (1834) London ENG W. Lewis 108pp W. Simpkin & R. Marshall
(London 1835)
wiki (50 games) (McDonnell listed as
English Amateur of First Rate Skill)
La Bourdonnais–McDonnell (1834)
Alexander McDonnell
William G. Walker
280pp Thomas Hurst (London 1836) (80 games – claimed complete(?))
La Bourdonnais–McDonnell (1834) Howard Staunton p231/416pp R. Hastings (London 1841) (Previously unpublished 14th game
CPC v1 (1841) p231 G14)
La Bourdonnais–McDonnell (1834) George Walker p369-381
R. Hastings (London 1843) (CPC v4 (1843) p369-81 –
article on match)
La Bourdonnais–McDonnell (1834)
George Walker
E. Freebourough (intro)
171pp Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner
& Co. (London 1893)
(Complete collection)
1843 Staunton–St. Amant Paris FRA
Dr. Carl Meier
Philipp Stamma (Aleppo)
80pp Mener & Beller (Zurich 1844) wiki (de)
1848 Lowe–Staunton odds match (1848) London ENG Thomas Beeby 28pp Charles Gilpin (London 1848) (calli notes “Staunton’s shenanigans”.
See Winter’s article: link.


« ο »   1850-1899

1856-7 Philadelphia–New York corr The Athenaeum Cmte. 23pp The Athenaeum Cmte.
(Philadelphia 1857)
(Dedicated to Charles Vezin)
1866 Steinitz–Anderssen (1866) London ENG
J. Lowenthal
G.W. Medley
Longmans, Green,
Reader and Dyer
(London 1868)
J.N.Pope (Transactions of BCA
for the Years 1866 and 1867)
(Game scores only)
1870 Victoria–New South Wales (1870) telegraph C.A. of Victoria 11pp A.L. Henriques
(Melbourne 1871)
(Henriques = printer)
1876 Steinitz–Blackburne (1876) London ENG W. Steinitz 56pp The Field
(London 1876)
1886 Steinitz–Zukertort WWC (1886) NY / St. Louis /
New Orleans USA
J. Minckwitz 202pp Adolf Roegner,
(Leipzig 1886)
wiki (de)
1889-92 Steinitz–Chigorin matches (various) Cable (1890-1)
Havana WWC (1889)
Havana WWC (1892)
W.W. Morgan 74pp W.W. Morgan Jun.
(London 1892)
wiki (1889)
wiki (1892)
(Beware – book scanned
1890-1 Steinitz–Gunsberg WCC (1890-1) NYC USA W.W. Morgan p43/66pp W.W. Morgan Jun.
(London 1891)
J.N.Pope (Includes Gunsberg–Chigorin
(1890) Havana match (drawn).)
1894 Lasker–Steinitz WCC (1894) NYC USA /
Philadelphia USA /
Montreal CAN
J.G. Cunningham
80pp Whitehead and Miller
(Leeds 1894)
wiki (Printer listened as publisher)
Lasker–Steinitz WCC (1894) H.E. Bird 39pp George Bell & Sons
(London 1894)


« ο »   1900-

1908 Lasker–Tarrasch WCC (1908) Dusseldorf / Munich GER Dr. Tarrasch 148pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1908) wiki (de)
Lasker–Tarrasch WCC (1908) L. Hoffer 41pp E.A. Michell et al (London 1908)
1910 Lasker–Schelechter WCC (1910) Vienna AUT / Berlin GER L. Hoffer 34pp E.A. Michell et al (London 1908) wiki
1911 Schelechter–Tarrasch (1911) Cologne GER Dr. Deichmann 136pp Verlag von Veit (Leipzig 1912) (de)


« ο »   Calli Tournaments

Ebooks at Google Books & Hathi Trust

Please inform (calli & zanzibar) if you find other tournaments not in the list. The books for Hamburg 1885 and Frankfort 1887 are bound into one book. Similarly, Breslau 1889, Dresden 1892 and Kiel 1893 are in the same book. If you access one of these, it is easy to get confused when paging back and forth and be in the wrong tournament.

♖ ・ ♘ ・ ♗ ・ ♕ ・ ♔ ・ ♗ ・ ♘ ・ ♖

1851 London by Howard Staunton;…

1857 New York, First American Chess Congress by D. W. Fiske;…

1862 Düsseldorf, Jahrbuch des Westdeutschen Schachbundes by Max Lange; Coverage of the first two Schachkongresse at Düsseldorf in 1861 and 1862; (in German)…

1862 London
—- Chess Congress by J.J. Löwenthal;…; Der Schachcongress zu London by Berthold Suhle; (in German)…

1866 London Chess Congress by J.J. Löwenthal;…

1867 Dundee by J.J. Löwenthal;…

1867 Paris Congrés International Des échecs by J. A. C. Féry d’Esclands, G. R. Neumann, Jules Arnous de Rivière; (in French)…

1871 Crefeld, Der Neunte Rheinische Schachcongress; (in German)…

1871 Cleveland, Second American Chess Congress…

1873 Wien, Der Erste Wiener Internationale Schachcongress by H. F. Lehner, C. Schwede; (in German)…

1876 Philadelphia, Fourth American Chess Congress by W. H. Sayen;…

1877 Leipzig Schachkongress (The Anderssen Jubilee) by Emil Schallopp; (in German)…

1878 Paris Der Internationale Schachkongress by Emil Schallopp; (in German)…

1880 New York, Fifth American Chess Congress by Charles Gilbert;…

1882 Vienna, Games of the Vienna tournament of 1882: A selection of the best… By Alexander G. Sellman…

1883 London International by J.I. Minchin…

1883 Nürnberg Der Dritte Kongress Des Deutschen Schachbundes By Emil Schallop…

1885 Hamburg, Der Vierte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by C. v. Bardeleben und M. Kürschner; (in German)…

1886 Rome Il Quinto Torneo Scacchistico Italiano Nazionale, By C. Salvioli…

1886 Ohio State Chess Association Tournament…

1887 Frankfort, Der Fünfte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by C. v. Bardeleben, H. V. Gottschall and J. Mieses; (in German)…

1888 Bradford, The 4th BCA Congress;…

1889 New York, Sixth American Chess Congress by William Steinitz;…

1889 Der internationale schachkongress zu Amsterdam im August, 1889; bearb. von D. van Foreest und I.D. Tresling.…

1889 Breslau, Der Sechste Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by H. V. Gottschall, J. Metger and H. Seger; (in German)… – Google not working at the moment…

1892 Dresden, Der Siebente Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by P. Schellenberg, J. Metger, P. Lipke and J. Mieses; (in German)…

1893 Kiel, Der Achte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes by J. Metger; (in German)…

1895 Hastings by Horace F. Cheshire;…

—- Das Internationale Schachturnier zu Hastings by Emil Schallopp; (in German)…

1895-96 St. Petersburg by J. Mason, W. H. K. Pollock…

1895-1896 St. Petersburg (In Russian)…

1896 Nürnberg Das internationale Schachturnier des Schachclubs Nürnberg im Juli- August 1896 by S. Tarrasch & Chr. Schröder…

1897 Stockholm (First tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)…

1898 Wien Internationales Kaiser-Jubiläums by A. Halprin, H. Fähndrich, Georg Marco; (in German)…

1899 London…

1899 Köbenhavn (Copenhagen) (Second tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)…

1899 Amsterdam Internationale Schaakwedstrijd edited by H. D. B. Meijer…

1900 Paris by Sam Rosenthal…

1900 München der Zwölfte Kongress Des Deutschen Schachbundes herausgegeben von Professor Dr. Gebhardt, Carl Schlechter und Georg Marco…

1901 Göteborg (Third tournament in De Nordiska Schackkongresserna by H. Krause, A. C. Rosendahl and F. Englund)…

1902 Hanover by Gebhardt et al…

1903 Monte Carlo by Emil Kemeny;…

1903 Vienna Gambit Tournament; Das Internationale Gambitturnier des Wiener Schach-Klubs by Wiener Schach-Klub;…

1904 Cambridge Springs… Not a true tournament book but the first issue of American Chess Bulletin contains all the game scores.

1904 Coburg, Der Vierzehnte Kongreß des Deutschen Schachbundes herausgegeben von Paul Schellenberg, Carl Schlechter und Georg Marco…

1906 Stockholm Internationella Schackturneringen i Stockholm by Gustaf Och Ludvig Collijn (in Swedish)…

1907 Ostende, Das Champion-Turnier by Siegbert Tarrasch;(in German)…

1907 Karlsbad, Das Internationale Schachmeisterturnier by Georg Marco und Carl Schlechter; (in German)…

1908 Düsseldorf, Der Sechzehnte Kongreß des Deutschen Schachbundes, by Heinrich Ranneforth.…

1908 Internationales Schach-Turnier, Wien,…

1909 St Petersburg, The International Chess Congress by Emanuel Lasker;…

1911 San Sebastian by J. Mieses & Dr. M. Lewitt…

1911 Karlsbad by Dr. M. Vidmar,…

1912 San Sebastian by J. Mieses & Dr. M. Lewitt, 2nd ed.,…

1913 Havana By J.R. Capablanca…

1916 Rice Memorial by Philip Sergeant…

1918 International Masters’ Tournament of the Manhattan Chess Club…

1918 Berlin by Em. Lasker…

1919 & 1920 Göteborg…

1921 Hague by Bernhard Kagan…

1921 BRNĚ (Brünn or BRNO in other languages) (book is in Slovak)…

1923 Karlsbad by Bernhard Kagan,…


« ο »   Calli Matches

Ebooks at Google Books & Hathi Trust

1829 London-Edinburgh by William Lewis…

1834 McDonnell-La Bourdonnais;

—- A selection of games at chess By William Lewis (1835)… 50 games

—- A selection of games at chess actually played in London by the late Alexander McDonnell by William Greenwood Walker (1836);… 84 games

—- First publication of game 14 in 1841 British miscellany, and Chess Player’s Chronicle, Vol 1…

—- Article on the Match by George Walker…

—- Chess Studies, comprising One thousand games by G. Walker complete collection including match information. (1844)…

1843 St.Amant-Staunton by Carl Meier and Phillip Stamma (in German)…

1848 Lowe-Staunton by Thomas Beeby (An infamous booklet; Staunton’s shenanigans started long before Morphy)…

1857 Philadephia-New York…

1866 Steinitz-Anderssen by J.J. Löwenthal;…

1870 Victoria-New South Wales…

1876 Steinitz-Blackburne…

1886 Zukertort-Steinitz by Minckwitz (in German)…

1889-1892 Chigorin-Steinitz matches plus other encounters…

1891 Gunsberg’s Matches with Chigorin and Steinitz.…

1894 Lasker-Steinitz…

1894 Lasker-Steinitz by Henry Bird…

1908 Tarrasch-Lasker by Tarrasch (in German)…

1908 Tarrasch-Lasker by Hoffer…

1910 Schlechter-Lasker…

1911 Tarrasch-Schlechter…


« ο »   Feedback

If you have any suggestions on how this document could be improved, please leave a message at Zanchess (ZanChess at WordPress) with your comments.

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