z-SCID v4.4 (and a half)

As is so often the case here, I’m rushing a post out, rough edges and all…

z-SCID v4.4/4.5  — https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4CTS_ohHuAoekdBbV9DQ3JFUUk

I posted on <CG> about the many changes – and I should repost it again here at some point in the future. In fact, the download itself, in the link above, might need another revision. But it should be very workable, and very useful, as is.

I realize very few, if any, people are downloading my code at the moment. But z-Board, and now, z-SCID are “good stuff” – and someday people will realize it, and I’ll get more download traffic. By publishing it today, and as is, I ensure the availability of the work  no matter what tomorrow brings (and look at the news today – floods, hurricanes, who knows?).

The code is pretty much self-contained in a zip-file – just unzip it and run scid.exe.  I suggest putting it into C:\Bin\Chess\SCID\4.4, but it really should be able to go anywhere.

Brave souls will want to give it a go – it has:

  1. Z-Base included (both SCID and PGN), together with z-base bio files.
  2. New png graphics for several of the chesspiece designs (e.g. Alpha and Leipzig).
  3. The 4.5 SCID Game List window (i.e. Fulvio Benini’s work). That means improved sorting and column size adjustments, plus more.
  4. The ability to load a FEN into the PGN window (a handy convenience).
  5. A few other minor changes, according to my preferences (e.g. default color in Comment window, reverse chronological sorting in Tournament window, larger limits in Tournament and Player windows, etc.)

There is no warranties as to correctness or performance, as they say – but if you do try it and encounter problems, please leave a comment below, and I’d try to come up with an answer. Well, within the next few days, natural disasters permitting.




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