Solution – 2017-07-11 “Easter Egg” Visual Puzzle –

At long last I’m posting the solution to this visual puzzle:

Here’s a reworked version of the visual:

(Click to enlarge)

Most of the panels show the best version of a portrait of the given player that I could find (or otherwise cook up). But some players included in Z-base don’t seem to have any photograph of themselves available anywhere on the internet. For example, Harsen D. Smith is represented by his gravestone, whereas other players are shown in a tournament group photo (likely present, but not uniquely identifiable).

But there are some players whose portrait is symbolic, or suggestive. The photograph of the hay-stack is such an example. I term it an Easter Egg for lack of a better term. In the above, the hay-stack is representative of Preston Ware, a player from Boston know best for his unorthodox openings – e.g. the eponymous Ware Opening.

This opening is also known as the Meadow Hay Opening, thus the hay-stack connection.

Some more about Preston Ware’s connection with the  Boston Mandarins (a chess group) can be found in batgirl’s article over on (has a bit of a bio with a word about the American Chess Congress scandal)

Personally, I prefer 1.h4 (the Kadas Opening) over 1.a4 (the Ware Opening), but that’s just me.




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