Visual Puzzle – 2017-09-25 – Button it up!

The question of PGN view controls has arisen over at <CG>, due to their recent change to their home-cooked Olga viewer (from the previous default of pgn4web). I went out and survey various viewers for comparative purposes, and being asked to share my notes, decided to “gin it up” a little as a visual puzzle. The idea is to match the control graphics to their source:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Here’s the sources to match up against:

  3. Fritz 12
  4. CB Light (2009)
  5. Chessbase online database
  6. Chessbase article pgn viewer
  7. NIC online database
  8. ChessTempo
  9. CG Olga viewer
  10. 365chess
  11. RedHotPawn (RHP)
  12. pgn4web
  13. SCID

Might be a spot of fun for those so inclined.



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