Otto Roething – trapeze artist?


Source: ACB v2 (1905) p87

From <CG> we have yet another interesting find by <MissScarlett> (often endearingly referred to by me as <Missy>, albeit with a slight touch of mockery):

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MissScarlett: From his <BDE> obituary notice, of August 15th 1915, Sect.V p.3:<He was of quiet demeanor and generally well liked. Before coming to this country, he was an expert on the trapeze and professionally engaged in a German circus. This career was cut short by a serious accident, which compelled his retirement.>
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zanzibar: Interesting tidbit from <Missy>. I have a portrait of Roething, and he certainly [doesn’t] look like a athletic trapeze artist in it.Of course, it would be hard to guess from current photos of OJ that he was once a star running back, either.

(In my younger days I would have submitted the photo to <CG>, but I’m currently boycotting until we get a “dropbox policy” in place.)

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MissScarlett: Pure coincidence that I found this on the same day I learnt that Anatoly Lein (kibitz #77) was also apparently an acrobat.

Once upon a time I would have submitted the Roething portrait above to <CG>, but having experienced a great deal of pain getting some basic submissions uploaded in the past, I’ve decided it’s best to just publish some material directly here in blogland. <CG> knows where to find the material for uploading, the public gets immediate access, and I don’t have to beg to get a submission implemented.



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