A Poster Posting… (with a dollop of Liebwerda)

A dollop of Liebwerda…

I was doing some research on tournaments in 1934 and came across a tournament, Liebwerda (1934), won by Salo Flohr. It’s an interesting tournament, run by the German chess association of Czechoslovakia (deutsche Schachverband in der Tschechoslowakei (1)), not often mentioned. (More basic research is needed, obviously, but that’s another post).

Since all the games for the tournament are at 365chess.com, it’s quite clear that a tournament book was issued. There’s always some difficulty in these matters, in this case a change in the name of the town – Liebwerda is now known as Lázně Libverda (cz), or Bad Liebwerda (de). And, to add to the confusion, 365chess.com mistakenly assigns this tournament to the similarly named Bad Liebenwerda, a entirely different town inside Germany.

Hunting down the tournament book, I found a copy on sale for $50 from The Chess Collector Shop:


39 pages with frontispiece, diagrams and tables. Octavo (9″ x 6 3/4″) in original publisher’s wrappers. From the library of Lothar Schmid. (Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana: 5478) First edition.

Sal Flohr was a clear first with no losses and two full points ahead of Fritz Samisch with 9 1/2. Karl Gilg was third with a score of 7. Max Blomich, Rudolf_Pitschak and Emil Zinner were tied for fourth through sixth with six point each. The author, Albert Becker, Denes Boros and Erich Eliskases were tied for seventh through ninth with 5 1/2 each. Clear tenth was Herzon with 4 1/2 points.

Lothar Maximilian Lorenz Schmid (10 May 1928-18 May 2013) was a German chess grandmaster. He was born in Radebeul near Dresden into a family who were the co-owners of the Karl May Press, which published the German Karl May adventure novels. He was best known as the chief arbiter at several World Chess Championship matches, in particular the 1972 encounter between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky at Reykjavic. He was also an avid collector of chess books and paraphernalia. It was reputed that he owned the largest known private chess library in the world, as well as a renowned collection of chess art, chess boards and chess pieces from around the globe.

Among chess historians and collectors, the name of Lothar Schmid is well known. His library even ranks mention by A. Savage, in an article published on chess archeology:

The 3rd largest collection is private: GM Lothar Schmid’s is recognized by everyone as the largest personal collection in the world. There is no catalog (!) for this collection housed in 7 rooms on the top 2 floors of his house in Bamberg, Germany. The ground floor is taken by his publishing business (Karl May-Verlag) and his living quarters are on the 1st floor. It is said that the collection looks chaotic, but Lothar knows where to find everything!

As far as the judgement of “look[ing] chaotic”, well, judge for yourself:



I think I would agree with the chaotic assessment (of which, lord knows, I’m equally guilty). While I’m here, let me note that there’s a lesson here, as concerns the ultimate disposition of a a collector’s collection, after his or her demise. Ah, but that’s a subject for another post (but note this link as well).

And so, let’s finish the Liebwerda section of this post with the tidbit I picked up from the Chess Collector notice on the book sale, name, this reference — Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana: 5478.

I don’t believe, though I could be mistaken, that Schmid’s version of the tournament book got into the KB collection, but rather, the Chess Collector is using the Dutch library’s catalog reference list for identification purposes. Of course, it would be nice if the KB library actually published their catalog online, or more specifically, if the following link actually worked:

Chess and draughts collection -> Catalogue Chess and draughts collection

Even the reference link to the user manual for the collection doesn’t seen to work: User manual of the collection

Of course there are some links from the KB chess collection page that does work, and made this cursory prelude somewhat rewarding… (see the next section).

(1) Zuricher Illustrierte – v10 N37 (1934-09-14) p1168

A Posting on Posters…

One of the links on the KB chess collection yields the following list of delightful chess posters, mostly from the years 1946-1986:

Chess posters
1946 Balkan Championship - Belgrade. Balkanski šampionat u šahu Beograd 28-30 VIII 1946. Jugoslavia, Albania, Bugarska, Rumania. Offset 99.5 x 70 cm.Shelf-number SCH PL 0016.
1946 Balkan Championship
1946 Living Chess - Amsterdam. Levend schaakspel. Wedstrijd tusschen Russische grootmeester en Szabo (Hongarije). Leider en explicateur: M. Euwe. A.S.C. De Volewijckers zondag 11 augustus 1946. Offset 70 x 50 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0008.
1946 Living Chess
1947 Exhibition - Amsterdam Jan Tromp. 5 Eeuwen schaak. Tentoonstelling collectie Dr. M. Niemeijer, 19 januari t/m 16 februari 1947, Indisch Museum Adam. Orginal design in gouache and ink 50 x 32.5 cm.Shelf-number SCH PL 0001. 
1947 Exhibition – Amsterdam
1950 Olympiad - Dubrovnik FNR Jugoslavija Dubrovnik August 1950. IX Šahovska Olimpijada. Lithography 68 x 46.5 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0003.
1950 Olympiad – Dubrovnik
1956 Student World Championship - UppsalaMichálek. IIIrd World student chess championship, april 5-15, 1956 Uppsala, Sweden. Offset 49 x 32 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0005.
1956 Student World Championship
1965 Spartakiad - Kiev I.A. Skorupskij. Šachi i šaški finalni zmagannja. VIII vsesojuznaja letnjaja spartakiada profsojuzov SSSR. III spartakiada profspilok ukraini. 7-13 lipnja 1965 r. Offset 89 x 59 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0017.
1965 Spartakiad
1966 Olympiad - Habana XVII Olimpiada mundial de Ajedrez, La Habana Cuba Oct-Nov 1966. Offset 54.5 x 43.5 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0006.
1966 Olympiad
1968 Championship Kalinin - Kalinin. Šachmaty. Ličnoe pervenstvo oblasti sredi mužčin. V sorevnovanijach prinimajut učastne mastera sporta SSSR, kandidaty v mastera sprota i silnejšie pervorazrjadniki. Kalininiskij oblas
1968 Championship Kalinin
1972 World Championship - Reykjavik. Tígris. The world chess Championship match Iceland. eimsmeistaraeinvígi í skák. July-August. Reykjavik 1972. Spassky U.S.S.R. - Fischer U.S.A. Offset 51.5 x 29 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0004.
1972 World Championship
1975 Championship Voluntary Sport Union, semi-finals - Saratov Šachmaty. (Polufinal ličnogo pervenstva Centralnogo Soveta DSO Urožaj) Dvorec Sporta. 15 fevralja 1975 g. po 5 marta 1975 g. Offset 84 x 60 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 00
1975 Championship Voluntary Sport Union
1976 Exhibition - Haifa Jean David. Chess in art, October 23-November 19, 1976. Goldmans art gallery Haifa. Offset 84 x 55 cm.Shelf-number SCH PL 0013.  
1976 Exhibition – Haifa
1979 Exhibition - Amsterdam Manfred van de Stolpe & Ton Carstens. Schaakkreade 79 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 20/27 maart 3/10 april aanvang 19.30 uur. Fotolitho 85 x 60 cm.Shelf-number SCH PL 0011.
1979 Exhibition – Amsterdam
1986 World Championship - London. Nick Bodimead. Kasparov Karpov clash. World Chess Championship London 86. Offset 76.5 x 51.5 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0014.
1986 World Championship – London
Lewis Chessman. Peter Branfield. British Museum. Medieval and later antiquities. Ivory chessman from the Island of Lewis, circa 1200 AD. Offset 76.5 x 51 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0018.
Lewis Chessman. Peter Branfield
Chess lessons for the primary school. Jan Venema. Schaak! Voor de bovenbouw op de basisschool. Onderwijstelevisie (NOS-NOT in samenwerking met Schoolradio (SNS) en Schaakbond (KNSB). Offset 58.5 x 42 cm. Shelf-number SCH PL 0010.
Chess lessons for the primary school

We can all be glad to view these posters, courtesy of the National Library of the Netherlands. If you think these posters are gorgeous already, click on any image to see them at full resolution over at the KB site. Beautiful.

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